Dead Dreams :: Lashton

What do you dream about? Meeting your idol? Maybe your perfect family? But what if all you could dream about was people dying?


5. ::5::

The next day Ashton walked with me to school. He noticed my tired eyes and frowned to himself.

"Is anything happening at home?" He sounded concerned as he looked at me. I shook my head honestly but my heart was pounding. "If you ever need me, you have my number – just give me a call."

A small smile crept on my face knowing that I actually have a friend who cares about me. "I will." A yawn escaped my lips as I rubbed my eyes, making them more red and sore.

"You need sleep." He said as if I didn't know. Well no shit, smartass. That was rude I'm sorry. I obviously didn't want to say that, I don't want to lose my first friend.

"Yeah I know." I rested my head against his shoulder letting out another yawn. My whole body felt weak and tired and I just needed some sleep. I closed my eyes tightly.

"Where's his punk ass?" A man barked at a woman who was hugging two children as tightly as she could, her eyes streaming with tears. "Tell me!" He shouted and pointed his gun at one of the children.

"I think he went that way," the woman painfully said as she pointed left. The man ran that way with a few others and after a few minutes he came back with an angry look on his face.

"Were you lying to me?" He snarled, spitting at the small family. The mum frantically shook her head but was quickly stopped as a gunshot went off.

They had saw the man they were looking for running away from the small shack of a house. The children screamed loudly seeing the blood flood out of the man's chest.

I jolted up feeling my eyes water with tears. I was on the ground and I looked around seeing no one, I guess Ashton left me then. As I thought that I saw his running to me with a blanket.

"Oh my god are you okay?" He wrapped it around me and hugged me close, his warm body warming me up almost instantly. "Is this why you're so tired all the time?"

I looked down and nodded, I wasn't going to tell him the details though. As I tried to stand up I felt right back down; my body was too weak to stand or do anything for that matter.

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