Dead Dreams :: Lashton

What do you dream about? Meeting your idol? Maybe your perfect family? But what if all you could dream about was people dying?


3. ::3::

I sat at my usual seat at the back of the class. I had English which was okay I guess, not my favourite subject but not the worst either. My eyes started to close, my eyelids feeling heavy but I had to stay awake so I shook my head and rubbed my red eyes.

Someone I've never seen in this class before walked in nervously, him anxiously chewing his bottom lip. The boy looked around seeing no empty seats except next to me so he quickly made his way there.

"Hi," he whispered, a small trace of anxiety dancing in his voice as he spoke. "I-I'm Ashton."

"I'm Luke." I awkwardly replied back looking at Ashton. He wore thick framed glasses which slid down the bridge of his nose, a large mint green sweater and black skinny jeans. He had sweater paws and wild curly dirty blond hair.

Ashton pushed his glasses up his nose cutely and looked at the table, not sure what to do.

"Are you new? I don't think I've seen you around here before." I asked, rubbing my eyes again causing them to go even more red than they actually are.

"No, I just moved classes I guess," he smiles weakly. "Are you okay?"

I nodded and yawned. I wasn't okay but I wasn't about to tell someone I've just met that. He looked concerned but probably knew it was non of his business and dropped it.

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