Dead Dreams :: Lashton

What do you dream about? Meeting your idol? Maybe your perfect family? But what if all you could dream about was people dying?


2. ::2::

I walked into the school with tear stained cheeks and dark rings around my eyes, my hair messy and my body weak. I never get any sleep and it's taking a toll on my physical and mental state. My mum thinks I have insomnia which I can't argue with or she'd want another reason, and if I say "oh mum I have vivid dreams of people getting murdered", she'll think I'm crazy, which is sort of true.

Usually when I dream of someone dying it hasn't actually happened yet but is about to, giving me enough time to try and stop it. I can't though since it happens all around the world.

I'm honestly terrified I'm going to see one of my relatives in a dream, it hasn't happened yet but it still could.

As usual, I was all alone. You see, I have no friends since I'm the weird kid who always looks like he's on drugs. They don't like me because I'm quiet and always looks scared.

I lived in a pretty isolated area, as a kid I used to love it: playing around in the forest; hiding in the huge piles of leaves in autumn; lots of space for tag. God I miss being a kid.

Back then I wasn't having these dreams since they started happening once I turned 13 years old. I remember my first one vividly.

There was a group of men joking around, throwing beer bottles at each other luckily missing every time. They laughed together and it just seemed like they were enjoying themselves. Well at first.

It was dark outside; maybe around 12am and they seemed a little drunk. As they stumbled down the road, all leaning on each other for support, a car came zooming towards them.

The driver had no time to stop or slow down and smacked into them. Loud screams were heard and a deafening screech came after as they got sucked under the car. Blood painted the pavement and vehicle, the sight haunting me.

The once happy, carefree men were laying lifeless on the blood-red ground with twisted body parts and red liquid covering them.

A shiver ran down my spine as I closed my eyes tightly to rid the memory from my brain. It didn't work though, it never does.

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