Dead Dreams :: Lashton

What do you dream about? Meeting your idol? Maybe your perfect family? But what if all you could dream about was people dying?


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Luke's PoV (if rape and death triggers you then please leave)

I lay staring at my ceiling as hot wet tears ran down the sides of my face, my cold body stiff except for my shoulders soft shakes as I sobbed. My brain kept replaying the nightmare that I just had.

I watched as two people walked into a sketchy pub. The guy had his arm over the woman's shoulders so I'm assuming they're dating. As they walked in the shabby old building all eyes turned to them then looked away, all of the people there looked over the age of 60. An old rock track from the 1980's was playing softly in the background.

Some people were playing snooker on the green snooker table in the middle of the room, and the rest were sitting at rotting wooden tables with a glass full of some sort of drink; alcohol related I'm assuming.

"Find us a seat and I'll be back with our drinks." The guy kissed his girlfriend's cheek and walked to the bar. She nodded, clearly uncomfortable and walked to an empty table at the back of the room. She waited patiently on her phone until an older man sat on the seat opposite her.

"Hello princess," he smirked, looking around 60 years old. "Came here alone, huh?" The creepy man looked at her up and down as he licked his dry lips. I felt physically sick just watching it.

She shook her head and cowered away slightly. "My boyfriend is just getting us drinks." Her voice shook a little as she spoke.

"There seems to be no one there, babygirl." He pointed to the bar and like he said, there was no one there other than the bartender.

Panic washed over her pale face as she frantically looked around for his boyfriend who seemed to be no where to be seen. "Maybe h-he's peeing." She spoke but sounded unsure herself.

"No one uses the toilets here; they're so messed up I'm sure you can get some sort of disease from them." The guy places his wrinkly hand on her thigh despite her uncomfortable stares.

She gently pushed his hand away, her own hands shaking. He ignored this and let his hand move further up her quivering leg. She felt her breath picking up with panic as she got her phone out, but he quickly grabbed it and threw it on the concrete ground. A soft shattering sound was heard.

(I don't want to write a rape scene so I'm skipping and I don't want to trigger anyone).

She was crying; screaming for her boyfriend weakly. She was pinned against the wall outside of the pub. The man tugged on his jeans and spat at her making her scream louder slightly so he covered her mouth. His other hand made its way to her pale neck and wrapped around it.

He squeezed making her eyes bulge out as she gasped for breath. The man removed his hand from her mouth and joined it with his other, creating more pressure. I watched the struggle for breath and her weak, hopeless kicks to try and get the man off her but it didn't work.

Her eyes rolled to the back of her head after about a minute of struggling, he let go quickly and her body fell, laying limp on the dirty ground.

I couldn't breathe; that nightmare was sure to add to the hundreds of scarring things I've witnessed at night when I'm trying to sleep. I just want to sleep and dream about something happy.


First chapter in and there's already death. Basically this whole story is surrounding around luke who is suffering from nightmares, and those nightmares are of people dying. That's why it's a 16+.

Read at your own risk as this book will have graphic scenes of violence and death, as you can already tell.

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