El Dia De Los Muertos

El dia de los muertos, is a holiday that Mexican people celebrate on November 2nd. It means the day of the dead. It may not be Halloween but this is my entry for the Halloween writing competition.


2. Remembering the lost

"The day of the dead is two days long, and on those days people celebrate with parades. Every family has lost someone, whether it be to natural causes, death by animal or worst of them all, Murder. The crime in Mexico is higher than any country I know, bandits ready to sneak there way to getting treasures, ready to kill for it." Explained the guide.

"Miss lady, why are you telling us?" Said a small brunette girl.

"Because my darling child, tomorrow is November first, the first day of this holiday"

"Ok Miss lady"

"So, through this next door we have our room of Mexican history, it's full of decorations this time of the year,"

She opened the door to reveal a bright and colourful room, decorated in lots of of papel picado (paper decoration) and a huge altar at the back of room designed to a traditional altar would look like. In the centre of the room, the floor was raised up by two steps there was a tree painted in gold on each branch there was a person, on the trunk there were three God like figures painted into it.

One a beautiful lady dressed in a long red and orange dress that flowed along the floo with sugar skulls around the flowing bit, and black lace under the skull making them stand out. She had a a large red and black lace hat with candles around the rim. Her face was painted like a traditional sugar skull and her lips were small but bright red. She was smiling and holding a piece of the sweet loaf bread made for the families that have passed.

"Who is that?" Asked a girl with purple hair asked.

"That is El recordado, she is the ruler of the land of remembrance, some people say she found sugar for man many years ago" The guide replied.

"She's so cool"

"She is isn't she"

The second was another lady, her face features were the same, they were twins, this time she was dressed in all black. She had a medieval style black dress on that got straight past her feet but didn't flow. It had long sleeves and she was holding some sort of black sceptre with a spider carved onto it. Her face was pure grey, and she resembled a skull without blood or brains.

"Who is she?" Asked the brunette girl.

"She is Los Olvidados, some people say she brought misfortune to the land because she was jealous her twin was so loved, she rules the forgotten marsh." The guide replied.

"She looks scary"

"She can be, only if you make her mad"

A figure was approaching them, she was wearing a security guard outfit, she approached quietly.

"Boo," she yelled.

The children jumped but the guide just laughed.

"Recora, the children can't be back here," She said.

"Alvi, I was going to tell the kids about the story of El Dia De Los Muertos, with Olvidado and Records do, but first I'm explaining who is who, who is good, God and bad." Recora said.

"Fine, but remember, Olvidado isn't evil, she just cheated on a test which got her thrown away."

"Of course sister, I would never forget"

The third was a man, he was wearing a large suit, it was like any suit just with a lot of colour, and a marigold in his pocket. His face was was like a skeleton only painted like a sugar skull. He was smiling, holding a book, and a candle.

"Who is he?" Said another kid

"That is the life creator or the candle maker, but his name is iluminación which means illumination." Said Alvi.

"You know the story too?"

"My great nan is in it" 


"Yea, she was"

The took the book from inside the tree and propped it up against the book holder. She opened the first page reading the words so carefully

'El Dia De Los Muertos, the day of the dead, a happy day were families-'

"Lady we know get to the good part" Said a child.

"Ok, Alvi, get the chest of figures we'll do it like we did years ago" Recora said.

"On it" Alvi said.

To be continued...


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