Just Us

A girl who was abused, is put into the hospital. There she meet Jack J. He sees something isn't right a wants to help her. They runaway and go on lots of adventures. But, what will happen when her family starts to find her. One by One.


1. Found

Jack POV


"Oh shit, Taylor bro, your arm broke" I chuckled as I watched Taylor fall off his skateboard onto his arm and hear it snap. He has gotton into my car by now. We are heading off to the hospital now to get him a cast. Im on my phone looking through instagram until I hear a camera go off.  I turn and see Taylor taking videos and pictures of his arm submitting it to Vine.


"Taylor doesn't that shit hurt?" I ask looking back at him from the Passenger seat. He looks at me the back at his arm moves it and nods. I chuckle and turn back around.




We get to the hospital entrance and get out. Cameron said he was going to park the car and come inside. We went in and checked Taylor in so he could be seen. As we approach the desk a paramedics team burst through the door with a girl. The girl is on the strecher laying lifeless. It looked as if everything around me went into slow motion. The girl had jet black krinky hair with baby blue and hot pink highlights. She had on black hightop Vans with blue skinny jeans, not to mention she had huge blood spots on them and a short sleeve red shirt. And it was very visible that you could see she cuts. Her red shirt had bloody cuts and big spots of blood on it. And little by little reality started to come back.


Paramedics: C'mon get her a room, She's lost lots of blood. Neighbors claim they heard screaming and went to investigate, they say she had years of abuse and has been found in her bathroom unconcious and not breathing, they did CPR for straight hour until they found her pulse.


While the man said that, a bunch of doctors came rushing to take her to a room. She was beautiful. I'm not gonna lie. She was stunning from what I could see, even when she does have a brusied face and busted lip she looked like a goddes.


"Yo, Jack? Cmon whatcha doin?" Aaron asks walking up to me pulling me with him to Taylor's room.



Dess POV


I heard beeping. Like one of those machines they use in a hospital. I peeked one eye open and looked around. I saw that I was in the hospital. I then opened both eyes and sat up, pulling my legs criss-cross. I looked down and saw that my clothes were ripped and on the ground. I looked at my wrists and saw my cuts. Then I remembered. I remembered what he said. What he did. What he would do, if he found me. I closed my eyes and threw my head back. Going into a flashback.




"Oww....WHAT THE FUCK!!" I screan in agonizing pain. I threw my self into the wall grasping my right leg. I looked down and there was a knife deep into my leg. Probably about 4-5 inches deep. I grabed the handle and started pulling it out.


"aaaAAAHHHHH!!!" I screamed as the knife came out. 


*end of flashback*


I opened my eyes only for tears to follow down. I looked at the door as I heard someone come in. I was a nurse. She had a tray. This tray was full of 4 different needles. I looked up at her and watched her closely.


"Hi sweetie, Im Shannon." She introduced herself. 


"I will be your nurse, Now im gonna have to give you needles to make you feel better" She said.


Honestly I dont feel anything. I thought to myself


I then jumped as she pulled out the needle full of green liquid. I shreeched and jumped off the bed. She came across the bed backing me into the wall. I knocked the needle out of her hand and pushed her away from me.


"I have to go get you a restraint" Shannon said and left the room. I was breathing heavily when i got back into the bed. I looked out the door side window and saw a young boy lookin at me. He was attractive. He had ocean blue eyes and dirty brown hair. He was looking at me in aww. Me and him had a stare off. He smiled at me. I weakly smiled back. He said something to the room beside me and came and knocked on my door.


"Come in" I said. My voice weak at my attempt to sound happy instead of sad. He slowly opened the door and peeked his head in. Before he came in he looked behind him. I guess to see if anybody was watching. Then he slipped through the door and made his way to the chair that was beside my bed.


"Hi" He whispered. His voice low and somewhat deep. 


"Hi" I whispered back and looked down biting my lip. I looked back up to see him looking at my cuts. I hurridly pulled my arm under the cover to hide. His eyes then met mine and he smiled agian.


What the hell is up with people smiling so much. I thought


"what's your name, beautiful?" He asked. I giggled at his attempt to flirt. I told him my name.


"That's a cute name" He said


"Thanks, how about you? Whats your name?" I asked. He looks at me and smiles


"I'm Jack" He said. And thats how our adventure started.


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