My Angel in the Night

BillDip from Gravity Falls, don't read unless you want to be completely confused if you haven't watched it. Begins after the end of Season 2


2. Waking The Demon

Chapter 1: Waking the Demon

These fucking kids were pissing me off so much! Pine Tree and Shooting Star, I will stop the two of you one day, and the both of you will never be able to stop me when I take over the world and your entire dimension!

It has been two years since those fucking twins have shown up, and I was fucking pissed! So, I was originally planning on waiting for the two of them to leave, and la de do da dey, walk in and take over the world, but no! The two of them have been here for the last two years, and I was fed up. I had to get rid of them somehow, but they were too interesting to kill. If I were to kill them, it would make for a very boring show.

I sighed as I collapsed on my recliner. My house in the Nightmare realm was amazing, spectacular! But, I didn’t have anyone to come and see it— well that got depressing fast. Never mind that, I need to find a way to stop those bloody mystery twins from stopping me, but how was I to go about that? Mabel was smart, even though she seemed dumb, she does know how to do a lot of things right. But Dipper, Dipper was different.

Although I managed to get ahold of his body a few years ago, shortly after he arrived, his sister had to come in and save the day. Right when I was so close to getting the book. But things like this are what I am talking about. You can’t try and get rid of one, without the other interupting, even if you’re in the body of one of them!

I rubbed my face with my hands and growled. How the hell am I supposed to split them up to the point where they don’t even notice it? I stood up, basking in the warmth of my fireplace. I moved to lay down in front of the fire, not really wanting to move or think, but I needed to. If I were to stop the brats, than I would need to think of a way to stop them. But first I need to do some research.

Over the last two years, I couldn’t be bothered going to annoy them. It was actually too draining and I didn’t have the energy for that. Ever since what happened when I tried to take over their dimension, most of my powers were completely gone, so the most I could do was maintain my territory.

But the time for that was over. It was finally time for me to return to the new world, but with the tiny extent of my powers, I will have to return in my true form, and not that of the ritualist triangle that I normally appear in.

In this form, I can easily form a solid body in the other world, which means that it was possible for me to travel there, and end up with a completely human body. I don’t even know if that is truly what I wanted, but it will be what I am going to get, and that will have to be something I need to put up with.

I groaned and sat up, turning to face the fire. Now was the best time. If I were to stay any longer, I don’t think I will have the strength to remain alive for long in the other dimension. That, and the friends I didn’t manage to keep my promises to will more than likely be coming to kill me soon— so hopefully, they won’t recognise me in a human form, or in other words, my real form.

“Nunc est tempus. Murum ad locum transire velim.” As the words left my mouth, the fire in front of my changed from a dark, glowing orange, to a bright, shining blue, the colour of my magic. I smiled. Now was the time. I stood up as the fire grew to a great extent. The extent that it was now spilling out of the fire place and surrounding me in a flaming blue circle.

I let out a loud laugh. This was it! I am finally able to go and get my revenge. As soon as the spell is complete, no one will be able to stop me, not even those bloody twins! Now all I have to do is get my revenge.

“Don’t worry Pine Tree. I’m coming back for you, and you are going to get what you deserve!” My laugh grew, as did my flames. Dipper Pines, you better be ready for me when I get there! Next thing I knew, everything was black.

Dipper’s P.O.V

I let out a laugh as Mabel sprayed me with the hose. We were still in the middle of summer, and the heat was scorching down on us. For the day, I thought it would be nice to sit out in the sun and think.

But Mabel wasn’t having it. She had brought out the hose, and declared war. As I crouched around the corner of the house, water pistols in hand, waiting for any sound of Mabel, but no sound came.

“Who ya looking for, Dip Dip?” I screamed and jumped around to see Mabel crouched down behind where I was,

“Not fair!” I cried out as I shot the water out of my water pistols, soaking Mabel. She cried out in laugher as she undid the kink in the hose she created so that no water would come out while she was sneaking around, but once it was undone, no water came out. I snickered and yelled out,

“NOW!” The sound of rushing water came from nearby and shot straight up into Mabel’s face, power blasting her! I laughed harder and began running over to the tap where Wendy was waiting for me. I ran and high fived her, using the tap to fill up my pistols.

“Dude, that was awesome! I am so glad you called me to come over for the water fight.” I smiled at Wendy as I did up the caps to my pistols and Wendy gathered her artillery.

“Yeah, but do you think she’s going to call for backup now?” Wendy nodded, and we began sneaking off, trying to find a good place to hide and form a plan.

Wendy and I hid under the covers of the trees, just past the area of the house, hopefully, Mabel's hose won’t reach out this far and her friends are still a while away. Candy and Grenda will still take a bit of time getting here, that’s if they aren’t already here.

“Okay, so what’s the plan Dipper?” I sighed and looked around quickly,

“For now, we don’t really have one. But first, we need to maintain a dominance over the battle field. If we can’t even manage that, we won’t stand a chance when the backup decides to attack. But the question is— where would we have the best vantage point? There are too many open spaces and if we try to get to a more secure point, we will be attacked.” I sighed and laid back, banging my head lightly on the ground. Where the hell were we going to go?

“Why don’t you just attack?” I jumped and froze. What the hell was that? I lashed up and looked to Wendy, who looked equally confused. We turned our heads around us to try and see where the voice came from, but we had no clue.

“Do you know that voice, Wendy?” Wendy shook her head,

“Sorry Dude, not one I have heard before.” The voice laughed, and suddenly, a boy, about my age actually, stumbled out of the shrubs next to us, and fell on his face. I cried out at the sudden appearance and shot some water out of one of my pistols at him, causing him to cry out in return.

“What the hell was that for?!” The boy cried out as he sat up, wiping the water out of his hair. Whoa— he looked— well, weird. He had a round, but pointed face. His chin looked like it could poke someone’s eye out.

His eyes were huge, with a blue iris sitting in the centre, but his pupil looked kinda weird. But wait, his right eye was covered with a black eyepatch, a weird symbol sitting on it. But I couldn’t see it under his hair, which was a bright, glowing blonde, sitting atop a partial undercut which revealed dark brown hair underneath. A small black top hat was sitting atop of the hair.

“Who the hell are you?” I half screamed at the boy, who sat up and laughed loudly.

“That doesn’t matter. What matters is what is going on now. Also— what is going on now?” I sighed.

“Look Kid, how about you bugger off?” The boy shrugged and sat up, revealing his outfit, which was crazily bizarre. He was wearing a yellow tail coat with a black dress shirt underneath. With black dress pants and pointed shoes on his feet, he looked like he was heading to a fancy dress party— but the weirdest part was, was that he looked like a twelve year old. Why the hell would someone his age, be dressed up like that?!

“Why would I want to? You’re planning on attacking people right. So how and are we going to hurt them? Like, torture attack or kill attack?” My eyes widened at his words.

“What the hell are you going on about?! We aren’t in the middle of a war or anything!” The boy cocked his head, before throwing it backwards and laughing.

“Well of course you are. If you are talking about attacking someone, than it has to be a fight. And of course if it’s a fight, than obviously you must be trying to kill someone. Why else would you want to fight?” Wendy slapped the kid across the back of the head.

“What the hell is wrong with you, Dude? We’re having a water fight!” The boy held his head in his hands, laughing lightly.

“Damn that feels weird.” I rolled my eyes. Damn, was I that weird when I was a kid?

“Look— whatever your name is, but this is a water fight.” The boy stopped laughing.

“A water— fight? What the hell is a water fight?” Wendy laughed in shock, almost not believing in what the boy said, but from his appearance, it was obvious that he wasn’t kidding, and the both of us knew it.

“Whatever Kid, just stay here. You shouldn’t even be in the forest at your age, you don’t know what’s out there.” The boy scoffed,

“Really? You were running around the forest years ago so don’t tell me what to do!” I growled, ready to leap at the boy, but I stopped myself, knowing what I should do. I lifted one of my pistols, and shot the boy directly in the face. The boy yelled and jumped backwards, glaring at me.

“Fine then. You seem different than before, but don’t worry, I’ll be back.” The boy than scampered off back into the forest where we couldn’t see him. What the hell was that about?

“What was that about, Dude?” I turned back to Wendy and I shrugged turning back to the Shack, where Mabel was wondering around the yard in front of us, the hose in hand.

“I don’t know, but because he distracted us, we need to get back to the point at hand, and by that, I mean dominating Mabel so that she can’t rub this into our faces that she beat both of us.” Wendy nodded, a large water gun sitting in her arms.

“Okay Dude. So what are we going to do?” I sighed, and looked around, trying to find the weak spot in Mabel's vision, but the girl was like a hawk, and she was everything! I sighed, dragging my eyes away from Mabel to look into the forest behind us.

“Attack directly, get the jump on her and before she realises, we’ll take the roof. Best vantage point.” Wendy looked at me confused but nodded.

“Okay Dude. Just give the go.” I nodded and turned back to Mabel, whose back was now towards us as she was walking around the side of the shack.

“Okay, go, but stay to the forest for a little bit. I’ll give the next go in a little bit,” Wendy nodded and we split up, travelling in two different directions.

As we stuck to the cover of the forest I notice Mabel was leaving my view. Damn it, we can’t have that! I cried out, pretending to fall over, catching Mabel’s attention. She smirked and began running towards me, a battle cry falling from her lips. I smirked and ran faster than before.

Catching Wendy’s attention, I gave the non-verbal signal, and she nodded, running out of the forest and attacking Mabel from behind, drenching the girl, who cried out in shock. I laughed and ran out of the forest myself and Wendy and I ran straight for the shack, climbing atop of it.

Once we took the top, we quickly surveyed the surroundings, and we saw Mabel re-grouping with her friends, Candy and Grenda, which had showed up not too long ago. I sighed and collapsed on the roof, lying in the nice warm sun. Wendy collapsed next to me,

“Dude— that— was— awesome! How did you know she would fall for that?!” I laughed and shrugged,

“Clumsy Dipper. She will always fall for it because it seems so real.” Wendy laughed and nodded.

“Cool Dude.” I smiled, relaxing, as I turned my head to Wendy. She was older now. She had grown up a lot. She managed to get into a good college. It was weird. We were still years apart and a bit more grown up now, but sometimes it felt like we were still kids. It felt like I was still twelve and Wendy was still fifteen.

It was nice, being like this with Wendy again. It’s Mabel and I’s first summer back here since Weirdmageddon, but it was nice. Mabel and I weren’t allowed back here since the first summer, and that was because Mabel was a little shaken up when we got back. We both were.

But since she was trapped in a perfect summer, and was torn out of it into a horrifying world were we watched everyone we love be hurt, and we almost lost our Grunkle Stan, no matter how hard we fought, we still weren’t able to overcome out problems, but we learned to hide them instead. This world was harsh, and no one would ever believe us about the stories that come from Gravity Falls.

The world will continue to believe that Gravity Falls was just a tiny little tourist trap, but we all knew. We all knew that shit world would be mean and hurt us if we ever spoke the truth, for the apparent fact that no one likes that.

“Dipper! You’re cheating! Get down from there!” I heard Mabel shout from below. I was pulled from my thoughts and I looked down to see Mabel and Candy standing underneath us on the ground.

“Where’s Grenda, Mabel?!” I yelled out, noticing that the girl wasn’t with them. Mabel laughed out loud.

“Where do you think, Dipping Sauce?!” My eyes widened and I turned around,

“Wendy, run!” We’ve been compromised. The both of us ran around the giant sign signalling to everyone that this was the Mystery Shack. Wendy jumped up and began running but was shot down from an invisible force, “Wendy!” I yelled out as she dropped her gun off of the side of the roof, her hands, hanging onto the side gutter, which was already half falling off of the building!

“Run Dude! I’m cool!” All of sudden, Wendy’s head disappeared from my view, and a short yelp came from where she was.

“Wendy!” I yelled running over to where she was, but there was no Wendy in sight. I furrowed my brows and looked around.

“Hi Dipper!” A deep voice came from behind me and I saw Grenda sitting there, a giant gun in her arms. My eyes widened and I bolted around the sign and away from Grenda’s attack. That was close. Bloody hell, didn’t realise that Mabel would be able to re-group and attack so quickly. I need to up my game.

I quickly snuck off of the roof and onto the ground, running for cover in the forest. That was my ground. No matter what, Mabel never stepped in here, even if we weren’t playing. We’ve been in Gravity Falls for two weeks now, and she still hasn’t gone near here. I guess with what happened last time she was in the forest brought the end of the world, I guess she was still scared.

I was still worried about Mabel, so I guess she wasn’t the only one that didn’t want her to go into the forest. Every time Mabel goes into the forest, something goes terribly wrong, and I don’t want her to be hurt anymore.

“Come on out Dipper. You know we don’t want to hurt you.” Mabel's cheeky voice came from nearby. Damn, she already knows where I am? How the hell am I going to fight against that? Ditch my weapons and run, hide, remain still, or should I—? No, I shouldn’t do that— but, it’s the only way. Fight or flight. No, neither. Suicide run. Attack and go down with the attack. That was my last resort, and I guess, this was it.

Wendy was nowhere in sight, Mabel was closing in, Candy on her tail, Grenda dominating the roof, there was no way out. I sighed and calmed my body down. Adrenaline was still pumping through me, but my heart rate was still level. I readied my guns, altering my position, ready to run.

A battle cry left my mouth and I ran out of the bush, scaring the hell out of Mabel and causing Candy to fall to the ground in shock. I shot my guns directly at Mabel, covering her in water. Mabel cried out, a laughing leaving her mouth as she let go of the hose, falling to the ground.

I was standing above Mabel, pelting the water into Mabel, her laughs growing louder as laughs began to fall out of my mouth. Suddenly, a shock wave of water shot into me, knocking me over slightly. A loud laugh grew and I turned to see Wendy had pulled Candy up and the both were shooting me.

“What the hell?!” I shouted and laughed. Laughter was leaving all of us as Grenda shows up behind me and begins to shoot Wendy. Wendy laughed and a water fight ensued between everyone.

Soon enough, we all ran out of steam. We all collapsed in a circle with our heads in the middle, all next to each other. We didn’t even have the energy to laugh. We were all watered out. We were cool, but hot and sweaty.

“That Dudes, was amazing.” I nodded. It really was. I don’t think I’ve had this much fun in years.

“Yeah—” We couldn’t say anything. But— to be honest; I don’t we wanted to say anything. It was peaceful, nice, and I think this is what we were all missing out on, and it was all what we wanted.

“Kids! Get inside, foods ready!” We all groaned and lifted our heads to see Grunkle Stan, standing in the doorway of the Mystery Shack.

“Should we get up?” I asked and everyone groaned. I don’t even know if that’s a yes or a no. I laughed and pushed myself up. “Come on, let’s get out of this heat and into stuffy heat.” Everyone laughed and we all picked ourselves up and walked to the house.

But— one thing was still on my mind. That kid from before. Did I know him from somewhere? It just felt like, I knew him. But what confused me more, was that he knows me from two years ago, but— I never saw anyone like him two years ago, so why did he seem so familiar? And why does it feel like a woke a demon?

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