My Angel in the Night

BillDip from Gravity Falls, don't read unless you want to be completely confused if you haven't watched it. Begins after the end of Season 2


1. Prologue

In the corner of Oregon, lies a small town called Gravity Falls. A place filled with monsters that no one truly believes in. Dipper Pines, a twelve year old boy wanting nothing more than to go home and far away from his temporary home, The Mystery Shack; and his twin sister Mabel Pines, a boy-band obsessed, pig loving, sweater making nutjob; come across these mysteries of the town, they become quite interested as time wears on.

As they began uncovering the mysteries of the town, they open the eyes of many people to the beings living in the town, such as Soos, the handyman of The Mystery Shack, and Wendy, the laid-back fifteen year old cashier of The Mystery Shack.

As time went on nothing went according to my plan. But, I knew all I had to do was postpone these plans until I can find a way to ensure that these four children, won’t screw up my plans to take over this dimension— right, I should introduce myself.

The name’s Bill, Bill Cipher, or according to the Mystery Twins, the Dorito. I don’t know why they decided to call me that! It’s not what I even truly look like! As as demon, we must hide our true forms away from our enemies to prevent our demise. As to confuse people, I use my other form, in the shape of a triangle, which is yellow, as per my favourite colour.

But no, in all honesty, these kids are fucking annoying! Everything would have been fine if they had fucked off back home or better yet, didn’t come at all! Or even be born for that matter! 

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