My Angel in the Night

BillDip from Gravity Falls, don't read unless you want to be completely confused if you haven't watched it. Begins after the end of Season 2


3. I Swear This Time I Mean It

Chapter 2: I Swear This Time I Mean It

Bill’s P.O.V

What the hell you stupid Pine tree?! What on earth do you think you’re doing?! Treating me like I am a fucking child! I took on the age you looked when I knew you, but you’ve gone and fucking grown! This changes my plans way too fucking much. Damn it. The plan I had was perfect for the child I knew, but this! This was not in the goddamn plan, and now I have to think of a new one!

I sighed dropping to the ground in the open field in the middle of the forest. Hey— this looks like the place the little runt Gideon summoned me all those years ago— well it was only two years ago. But why does Pine Tree look so different?

If I want to enact my revenge, I am going to need to take on a form different from this one, but still different from my real one— my real one was too old. Why does Pine Tree have to be at the weird age for bodies? Couldn’t he remain in that younger body which is easier to control and manipulate?

Changing my form at the beginning of the game was going to hurt. Why does everything in this world have to be so hard? I mean, I hate my old world, but this one was just plain painful. But I didn’t want to be alone in this world. I want to dominate it with someone by my side, but who is strong enough to help me defeat Pine Tree.

Dipper’s P.O.V

I still question whether the food that Grunkle Stan makes is food or not. At least it doesn’t make me feel sick like it used to. I laughed lightly at the thought. So much as changed since two years ago. Mabel became sick because of everything, Grunkle Stan and Grunkle Ford finally gave into their hate for each other and became some of the closest twins I have ever met, aside from me and Mabel that is.

Soos runs the Mystery Shack now, and he does a pretty good job at it. I guess spending all that time working for Stan taught him how to be a ‘Good” business owner. Wendy was about to start her first year of college. Wow did that sound amazing.

“What cha laughin’ at there, Kiddo?” I turned my head to Stan, who was standing in the middle of the kitchen, actually wearing clothes for once in his life. I flash to the times where Grunkle Stan would be standing in the kitchen, no pants on, just a pair of striped boxers and a stained singlet.

“Nothing Grunkle Stan, just reminiscing mostly.” Stan gave me a confused look.

“Rema-what?” I sighed, rolling my eyes. God, he was still as stupid as he was two years ago. Words longer than six letters confusing him.

“Reminiscing. It means to remember happy events that have passed.” Stan looked at me like I was a freak.

“Okay Kid— whatever floats your boat,” I sighed, scrunching up my mouth.

“Nothing floats my boa—” I was cut off by a banging on the front door. Stan and I both jumped. Who the hell would show up to the houses door? Wouldn’t they just go through the Mystery Shack?

I quickly leapt to my feet, grabbing the nearest thing to me, which was a frying pan. I looked to Stan, who nodded, sliding his brass knuckle busters on. The both of us crept to the door, where the banging occurred again. This time, neither of us jumped; we were ready to attack anything at that door if it plans on hurting us or anyone we love.

I thought of quick check on where everyone was. Mabel was upstairs with Grenda, Candy and Wendy, talking about boys more than likely, while Ford was in the basement, working on something for when him and Stan take off again. Okay, they were safe. No one bar us knew how to access the basement and the girls would hear a commotion and hopefully run out of the bedroom and onto the roof where they could make a getaway.

Stan and I were now at the door, and we were ready for anything. If a normal person was to turn up on the other side of that door, it wil be fine. But if it was someone weird like the kid from before, I will honestly not hesitate to hit him with this fucking pan. I turned to Stan who nodded. My spare hand moved to the handle, slowly turning it; before I ripped the door open to reveal a well-dressed man, identical to the boy from early— but older. I shrugged and swung the pan up, Stan had walked away by now, no longer giving a shit.

“Whoa, Pine Tree hold up!” My entire being froze as the words left the man’s mouth. This isn’t possible. My body moved reflexively, and swung the pan down, aiming for a head shot, but it never hit. The man was holding onto my wrist. The pan dropped from my hand, and my body began to shake. This isn’t—

“Possible? Oh yeah it is Pine Tree. You better believe it.” The shaking of my body grew, and I think tears began to fall from my eyes. This can’t be possible… can it? NO! I won’t allow myself to believe it! there was no way— but it was standing right in front of me, my worst nightmare, Bill Cipher.

“I-I—” Words couldn’t form. It was impossible. I won’t allow myself to believe it. So why was I still believing it?

“Hey Pine Tree, are you okay? What’s the liquid coming from your eyes? Is it painful?” My body suddenly stopped shaking. No. I can’t allow this monster to roam here for a second longer. I will destroy this stolen body of his, and he won’t be able to use it anymore.

My body jumped, tearing my wrist away from his grip, I grabbed onto his neck, pushing his body to the ground. Bill’s eyes widened and he began struggling as he noticed the air was not entering his lungs. A cruel smirk crossed my face. If this was a dream, I was finally winning.

“Bill Cipher, I forbid you to walk on this earth and in this dimension ever again. You will die, and I will ensure that this time, you stay dead for real.” The words that were falling out of my mouth were barely my own, but I didn’t care. This monster had to die!

“Pi-ne— T-r-tree—” I growled as he tried to talk, my hands tightening ever more around his neck. “Di-pp-er—” I gasped and my entire body relaxed as my name fell out of the demons  mouth. Bill took this chance and pushed me off of him, and jumped up. He was coughing and choking as the air began to flow into him again.

“You horrible demon. What right do you think you have to walk through this dimension again?!” Bill didn’t respond, he merely remained trying to catch his breath. Tears were falling from his eyes as the near death experience took a toll on him. “Why are you here?!” I screamed at him, when I heard a thump.

Damn it. That could have been anyone. If they heard this confrontation, then everything is over for Mabel. She will no longer be able to function if she knows that this demon exists. I growled, grabbing the demons wrist.

“Come with me. We need to talk.” I muttered lowly. I don’t care if this demon was still coughing, I needed to get him the fuck out of here before Mabel sees him, I don’t want her to continue dreaming the way she does.

Images of the last two years came into my head. Images of sleepless nights from Mabel's horrible screams. Her brain being tortured from events passed, even though the villain was gone. I remember the looks of hate and fear we got, every time we went to school, every time we left the house, still shaken from this very demon.

“Where are— you taking— us?” Bill asked from a few paces behind me as I was dragging him into the cover of the forest. It was the safest place for us to— talk— about everything that is going on in this very moment.

“For now— away from Mabel.” Bill nodded, his face red and glistening from sweat and tears. I smirked, I actually managed to hurt the demon. Perfect. If he’s this weak, it shouldn’t be too hard getting rid of him, before Mabel ever finds out about his existence.

I went deep into the woods. I don’t want to risk Mabel stepping into the edges and finding us. The further in we were, the less chance of her accidentally finding us. As the trees were the only thing around, I turned to the problem at hand; this fucking demon.

“What do you want?” I asked, forcing Bill to sit on the ground. I however, remained standing. Bill sighed, and refused to make eye contact with me.

“You’ve changed Pine Tree.” I froze. That name— it make my throat want to close over, and it made me want to vomit every I had in my stomach at the current time.

“Don’t say that name. Don’t respond to me with a name. You don’t have the right!” I began yelling by the end. Why did I feel so horrible? I felt like torturing Bill until he could no longer feel anything in that human body of his. I felt like tearing each and every one of his fingers away, after breaking each and every one of the bones in each one. I felt like, pulling out all of his teeth, and forcing him to eat each and every one.

“Then what do I call you?” Bill asked and I sighed, my body relaxing slightly. Why the hell was I so worked up about all of this? Oh yeah, this son of a bitch drove my sister to the point of insanity, and tortured an entire town, turning them into stone to make a giant fucking chair!

“You don’t call me anything.” I stated bluntly.

“Oh.” Oh? I looked to Bill who wore a sad look. I groaned and sat down in front of him.

“Dipper. Call me anything aside from that, and I will hurt you half of the pain you forced me and my sister to suffer. Deal?” I asked and Bill looked confused.

“Why do you want to make a deal?” I groaned, smacking my forehead. Of course— this fucking Dorito is a fucking idiot.

“No, not that kind of deal. It’s something you mutually agree on, with consequences if one doesn’t follow.” Bill nodded, still not taking his eyes off of the ground in front of him. Why won’t he look at me?

“You almost killed me. Weird huh?” I cocked my head, “This body does have weaknesses, but powerless I am not.” I frowned. Why was he telling me all of this? Was it important for me to know?

“Bill—” Bill laughed jokingly, effectively cutting me off. What the hell was up with this stupid dorito?!

“Look Pin—, you need to understand. I came here with a goal, and I am not leaving until I accomplish it.” I furrowed my brows. What could he be planning this time? And why was he telling me?

“What are you planning this time?” I growled lowly and Bill frowned, finally taking his eyes off of the ground to look me in the eye.

“I’m planning to be your friend, and to get you to forgive me for everything that I have done to you and Shooting Star.” I growled, jumping up, Bill quicly following but moving to get some distance between us.

“I will never be your friend, and I will never forgive you for how your tortured my sister.” Bill furrowed his brows.

“But what about you?” he asked and I froze. What the hell does he mean by that?

“What do you mean, what about me?” Bill sighed, looking away from me and at all the trees around us. Pine trees, comedic.

“Didn’t I hurt you? I mean, I stole your body, lied to you, put you through Weirdmageddon, stole your sister, hurt your friends and family, tried to kill you. I don’t know Kid, you name it, I probably hurt you with it! Why aren’t you affected?!” I jumped as his voice rose. Bill flushed, embarrassed at his outburst.

“You hurt me alright, but you hurt my sister far more, and that is all I give a shit about!” I growled and Bill sighed, sitting on the ground again.

“Why are you so worried about Shooting Star?” I sighed. This was dragging on. This bloody demon was confusing the hell out of me. Why is he so worried about me? I groaned, dropping my body to the ground, all fight I had a few minutes ago, gone in a flash.

“Because you hurt her to the point where she almost didn’t come back. I don’t ever want to see her in that state ever again.” Bill frowned and nodded.

“Of course, if anything helps, I’ll say sorry to Shooting Star when I see her next.” I growled. Why would he even think that I will let him anywhere near Mabel!

“No! You will not be seeing Mabel for a very long time. You will not have one look at her until I know for sure that I can trust you. I swear, if you even consider going to look for her and introducing yourself, I will kill you, and this time I promise to make this one stick.” Bill gulped and nodded, understanding that I was being honest. If he goes anywhere near my sister, this fucking demon is a dead man.

“So how will I make it up to you?” I sighed, rolling my eyes and laying on my back. That was an exellent question. How was this triangle— this dork, going to make it up to me? Is there even a way to punish a demon? What if I just lock him in a room with Ford and have him do experiments on him? No, he’ll just find joy in that occurring.

“What do you want to do? What do you think will allow me to forgive you?” I asked and Bill froze, not expecting the question to come from me. Bill gave me a weird look before looking away and around at the nature around us. I smiled, almost following his gaze, staring at all the beautiful nature. If there was one thing that was normal about Gravity Falls, was the nature when there was no monsters around.

“I don’t know. What do people normally do?” I shrugged, rolling onto my side. What do people do?

“I don’t know either. I guess— since no one has ever—” I trailed off, memories of the last few years scanning through my head. Bill frowned, his brows furrowing.

“What are those people doing to you and Shooting Star?” My eyes widened and I jumped up, my hands going for Bill's neck, but he caught them, before moving and pinning me underneath him. Great, I left myself open and now I was going to die. I sighed. There was no use fighting, it was too much of a bother.

“Stay out of my head.” I muttered lowly. Fuck, I’m tired all of a sudden. Is this Bill's doing? No, this is nothing new, passing out, this was a feeling I had become all to familiar with these last few years.

“Dipper! What’s going on?!” Bill shouted at me and I shooshed him. Damn, my name sounds weird coming out of his mouth.

“Chill Bill.” He he… that rhymed. Oh well, sleep now. My brain slowly blackened and Bill's yells slowly faded from my mind.

My eye suddenly jolted open to see a classroom. I frowned, when did I end up back in Piedmont? The classroom was empty. Hmm, am I early or did I stay late again studying and fell asleep? But why would I stay out in the open, that’s like having a target on my back, wish for an attack.

I slipped out of my chair and towards the door. Wait, where was the door again? I frowned and looked to the ground— no shoes. Wait, where were my shoes? I sighed and began looking for them. I am so not leaving this place without my shoes, not again. Damn this school is still so stupid. Why did I stay late again? I don’t remember— was there even a reason?

“Looking for something, Freak?” The entity of my body froze. That voice— it was him. What was I going to do?! I can’t leave without my shoes, and there was no way in hell I was leaving without my shoes— wait what? My shoes are on my feet, what am I talking about?

I turned around to where the voice came from, and I came face to face with my worst enemy, Tait. My royal bully back in Piegmont. Wait, isn’t that where I am? No— wait, I was in Gravity Falls, with Mabel. We had a water fight.

“Look Tait, I don’t have time for your bullshit, I need to get back.” Tait laughed,

“Back where, Freak?” He asked and I frowned. Good question— where did I need to go again?

“I don’t—” I trailed off. I don’t know. If I forgot, does it mean it wasn’t important? Mustn’t of been. I sighed but froze as I saw Tait slowly getting closer and closer. Run, Dipper, run. How do I do that again?

Dipper!’ Huh? I looked around when suddenly my neck was being grabbed roughly. My eyes went back to Tait, who was lifting me off of the ground. Air was being cut off from my lungs, and my feet weren’t able to catch onto anything, chairs, tables, Tait, nothing.

Pine Tree!’ Hey, I hate the nickname. Who calls me that anyway? Does someone call me that? A slap hit my face, turning my head to the side. In the process, my body was dropped sideways, smashing my forehead on the desk. I groaned, and began crawling. I need to get away. This isn’t safe. What is safe? I fucked wandered the woods for days on end when I was twelve. Right— the forest. Gravity Falls— that’s where I was. I was with someone. Mabel? No, not her. She hasn’t been in the forest since we went back. Wendy, no, she was with Mabel and the others. So who was I with. If everyone was in the house, then who was with? Was I even with someone?

“For fucks sake Dipper! Look at the door!” What door, I sighed in my thoughts. “The door you want me to come through.” Hmm, did I want someone to save me? Yes, of course I did. I opened my eyes to see a door forming and a figure bursting through it, smashing through Tait’s figure, causing it to disappear in a sea of smoke.

“Who are you?” I asked the figure, who moved to grab me. I whimpered, thinking they were going to attack me.

“Pine Tree, look at me properly.” I squeezed my eyes shut and rubbed them. When I opened them, I could see everything.

“Bill.” His name fell out of my mouth and he let out a breath, pulling me into his arms and hugging me. My body felt weird. It felt— happy. My arms wrapped around Bill and I sighed.

“Are you okay?” Bill asked and I nodded.

“Never better.” Bill pulled from the hug, giving me a look. What was going on with him? Why did he come and save me? how did he even know I was here? Where was here?

“We’re in your mindscape. And it is one hell of a mind scape. It took m ages to get to you. Do you not know how to organise your mind? Or at least get rid of your fucking defences, Jesus Christ!” Bill shouted and I laughed.

“What are you talking about, Bill. This isn’t my mindscape, it’s a dream. I’m going to wake up soon, and you won’t be here. And honestly, I know this isn’t real. I mean, where would you get a human body from? Did you steal it?” Bill was confused.

“Pine Tree?” He asked and I frowned. Don’t call me that. “Shit, you’re bleeding!” I shrugged, moving my hand to my head, pulling it away to see it covered in my blood. I laughed,

“Meh, it’s fine. A dream remember.” Bill growled. Why was he so cranky? Bloody hell you stupid Dorito. I laughed a little more when my body began to shake, and my eyes slowly opened.

I instantly closed them again as fluff entered my eyes. Wait, fluff? I grabbed the area near the top of my head to find something hard. What the hell kind of rock is my head under? I moved the fluff from my eyes so I could open them, and I saw Bill’s head, sitting atop of mine. I wanted to scream, but I didn’t.

I moved my body so that I wasn’t under Bill anymore, but sitting in front of him. I almost laughed at the way Bill was posed. He was on all fours, his hands on either side of where my head was, with his head bent down in the middle, his eye patch gone from his eyes, yet it remained closed, a golden glow coming from underneath his eyelid.

“Pine—” Bill groaned, his body dropping to the ground. My eyes widened and I crawled over ot him.

“Bill! Wake up!” Why was I freaking out? Bill’s eyes suddenly opened and the glow from under his eye lit up the forest, which was dark now. My eyes closed at the brightness, but adjusted quickly.

“Pine Tree— are you okay?” Bill asked and I frowned. What the hell was he talking about?

“Bill, I don’t understand. Why wouldn’t I be okay?” Bill’s eyes finally focused and settled on me. He quickly sat up, locating his eyepatch, covering it over his eye, the golden glow leaving, making me sad.

“You passed out oddly. I entered your mindscape, but I couldn’t find you. You were lost, then when I found you, you had to let me in, and you didn’t understand what was going on. You were hurt, and you laughed it off. You were being hurt in your mindscape, do you even understand how bad that is to a human being?! It could tear your mind apart! You could go insane!” I frowned,

“What like you?” The words left my mouth and Bill nodded slowly. I was right? I frowned, what the hell was going on with Bill? I don’t know anything that he’s going on about? “Bill, I don’t know what you’re talking about? What are you even doing here?” Bill froze.

“Please don’t hate me Pine Tree.” I furrowed my brows when suddenly a slap hit my face, causing me to groan. What the devil?! Bill! Anger rose in my body, and I was ready to strike. “It didn’t work, damnit. Again, don’t hate me Pine Tree,” I was about to retort when lips were pressed to mine, my eyes fluttering shut. I was fighting before right— where’d that fight go?

Images abused my eyes and memories came flooding back to me. I shoved Bill away, wiping my lips. How dare he?! My stomach churned and I wanted to vomit. What made him think that he could kiss me?! He took my real first kiss, the asshole! My body suddenly calmed again when I realised all of my thoughts and the events that just happened.

“Bill—” I muttered lowly, catching his attention, causing him to turn his head towards me.

“Yeah?” He asked and sighed. I am either going to be eternally in his debt, or regret this in some way, but I think I just found the perfect middle ground.

“I know how you can make it up to me.” Bill's eyes sparkled and he nodded, ready to take on any deed. “You, will become my personal dreamscape guard.” Bill looked at me oddly.

“I’m sorry, your what?” I sighed. This is so awkward to explain.

“From here on out. You are going to stay by my side, and if I ever pass out like that again, you are to come and save me, every time, no matter what. Okay?” Bill nodded slowly holding his hand out.

“It’s a deal.” The blue flame ignited. My protection for my forgiveness. This was either the worst or the perfect plan. I moved my hand to just in front of Bill's.

“Promise?” I asked and Bill sighed, grabbing my hand, forcing the shake.

“I swear this time I mean it.” I nodded. This was going to a lot to explain to the others. 

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