Out of Order

Vanessa is your average Freshman in High School. Except for the fact she has a crazy past that she would be more than happy to forget about. In her journey through High School, will she be able to contain her feelings or will she get through it with the help of her new friends?


1. Beginnings

Middle school has finally ended. As we went through the process of the Graduation Ceremony, all I could think about was how school still goes on even though we've finished middle school. Even after High school we still have college, which really is a choice for one but who would skip out on that? Their parents would be overly upset about that fact plus the fact that you'll have a hard time getting a decent enough pay working at McDonalds. 

Nothing had happened this summer. It was the same as it usually is: staying home all day with my big bro Jordan, reading or writing, playing video games together, watching anime, Ect. Jordan has been taking care of me, working as a Teacher at the local High School, ever since our parents died in a car accident. We're pretty much identical twins: Jet black hair, baby blue eyes, same pointy noses. Only difference was that he had huge muscles.To be honest, I don't mind being mistaken as his twin. Our sibling relationship couldn't be any better. He is the Anna to my Elsa. When times get tough, like when our parents died, he is always there for me. If it weren't for him, I'd be at some orphanage waiting to be bought by some complete strangers. Sometimes I feel bad for not being as reliable. 

On the morning of Orientation for High School, Jordan was supposed to wake up before me as usual. Since he was a teacher there, he had to get there two hours before orientation began so that he could help set things up. 

I could hear his alarm clock going off in the next room over. Five minutes would pass and the thing was still going off.

"Jordan!!" I muffle yell into my pillow as loud as I could. When he didn't answer or turn off his alarm, I half fell out of my bed to stomp out of my bedroom and into his. He had his head barried under his pillow and his body curled up like a child refusing to get up to go to school. I turn off his alarm that had been going off. Jordan relaxed his position and I could tell he was trying to go back to sleep. Our cat, Gizmo, walked in meowing. I grinned and walked out of the room and into the kitchen to grab the spray bottle off the counter. As I walked back into Jordan's room Gizmo ran out probably knowing what was about to happen. I aimed and fired water at Jordan's face. As if I threw a whole bucket of water onto him, Jordan jumped up, gasping. 

"When were you planning on waking up?" I asked, slightly amused but still pretty pissed that he, a twenty-six year old man, couldn't even get himself up. He sat on the edge of his bed, recovering from his surprise wake up call. His hair dripped water onto the carpet floor. Suddenly, he quickly stood up, walked over to me, and picked me up with one hand and threw me over his shoulder. "Wh-What are you doing?!" I screamed. He swung me around and then threw me onto his bed.

"Ha Ha. Your too easy." He said, chuckling, and walking out his bedroom. I pouted but in reality, I love these small connections. (Find better word!) 

I went back into my bedroom to get dressed while my brother took his morning shower. I couldn't care less what I wore to the Orientation but Jordan would probably get up my ass about it so I wear one of my Sun Dresses since we're having it outside. Its mid-August so it's still pretty hot outside plus the fact that we live in Phoenix, Arizona, one of the hottest places to live. Jordan moved out when he started college, so he was already here. It was around the time he got his job at the local high school that it happened. When he heard, he went straight up to Florida to go to the funeral and to help me, the 13 year old teenager who refused to go with anyone but him. I guess you could say I have trust issues. 

"Ready to go?" Jordan popped his head into my bedroom, his hair all styled up and looking dashing in his navy blue Blazer. I grabbed my purse, slipped my sandles on and nodded. "I'm ready." And we headed out.    


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