Teen Wolf


11. The Streets

I ran about them, trying to get as far away from the others, trying to run from my problems. It wasn't working, but i felt like I could run for miles. So I kept running. I found the woods. I started running then, and that's when a really bright light hit my eyes. A siren hit my ears, so high pitched it hurt. I felt disoriented, and I slowly fell to the ground covering my ears and closing my eyes. The change switched back. The siren stopped, and I opened my eyes. A man was standing over me. 

  "The name's Chris," he smiled, and he held something in his hands. Something with a sharp edge. "You're out at the wrong time miss." I growled, and the change came again. "I've dealt with a lot more than just you." He threw some kind of ash around me. "Scott, will want to see this." I tried to move outside of the circle but it was impossible. It was like some kind of force field. I felt caged, like a trapped wounded animal. 

  "Olivia!" I could hear someone yelling. Stiles? I saw him then. 

  "Whoa, Stiles," the man raised a gun. "I'm waiting for Scott." No, I cried in my mind. 

  "Chris," Stiles said. "You know me, why can't you just trust me? She needs someone, okay? Full moon, out here all alone. She got out of the pack's hold... She escaped, and now I got to bring her back." 

  "One more step Stiles, and I'll shoot your ass," Chris said. He was a lot older than we were, and I just watched him intently. Stiles moved back, but Chris got the wrong idea. The bullet was sent flying through the air. 

   "No!" I screamed, as Stiles fell to the ground. The smell of blood poisoned the air. 

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