Teen Wolf


5. Thanks

"Okay," Scott said coming in. "Olivia, listen. There is a way to find out what you saw, but it's going to hurt." I nodded, and Stiles hand tightened around mine. Scott slid his hand around the back of my neck, just before I felt something pierce my skin. My eyes rolled back. 

   It was dark, and I was driving. That's when I hit something. It was blurry. Then I was outside of the car, and looking at the man I hit. Who was he? He looked dead. That's when he jumped up, startling me. He grabbed my ankle, pulling on me, and I fell. I hit the concrete, where he bit me. 

   The phone started ringing, and Scott let go of me. I was a little dizzy but other than that, okay. Kira answered the phone. 

   "Yeah, he's here," Kira said. "We're kind of in the middle of something.... Okay." She hung up. 

   "What is it?" Scott asked. 

   "Liam and Hayden," Kira answered. "You and I have to go." She turned to me. "You need to go down to the hospital, and stay there with Scott's mom." 

   "Okay?" I said. 

   "Kira, hang on, it would be safer if she went home with Stiles," Scott said. "His dad won't be there." So we went with Scott's plan. 

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