Teen Wolf


4. Stiles

"Where are we going?" I asked my voice was quiet, and almost inaudible in the loud Jeep. 

   "Kira's," Stiles answered. "You cold?" 

   "Kind of why?" I asked. He threw me a jacket. It was his. Okay then. I slid it on, and the smell of cologne hit my nose. I breathed as the Jeep jerked to a halt. Scott put it in park, and we got out. I felt something change inside of me. I stopped, and Stiles looked back at me. 

   "Stiles," Scott said his voice like a warning. 

   "Whoa," I said, looking at my hands. 

   "Olivia," Scott said. "Try to control it." Stiles stepped closer. "Stiles." 

   "No, wait a second I got this," Stiles looked at me. Stiles stepped closer. "Olivia." The way he said my name. The change switched back. I looked up at him. He grabbed my hand, and we walked into the house. I grabbed Stiles' arm with my other hand. Something was off with this Kira girl. Scott told her he wanted to talk to her alone. 

   "What do you think they're saying?" I asked Stiles boldly. 

   "I don't know yet," Stiles told me. "So do you remember anything? Anything at all?" I shook my head. 

   "Nothing from last night at least," I looked at him. "You can't make me go back. You can't..."

   "What do you mean?" he asked. 

   "My dad," I looked down at my hands. "He abuses me. I can't go back there." 

   "I won't let you," he told me. I smiled. 

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