Teen Wolf


6. Stiles' House

We were back at Stiles' house. 

   "So what do you want to do?" Stiles asked me. 

   "You got any movies?" I asked. "I mean since we can't go anywhere." He smiled. I heard somebody on the porch, and yet Stiles didn't. The somebody knocked on the door. "I got it." I opened the door, and a familiar face stood there.

   "Where've you been?" he asked. 

   "Dad," I said loud enough for Stiles to hear. Stiles was at my side in an instant. 

   "Answer my question, where's have you been?" my dad asked again. He was drunk I could tell. 

   "She's been here," Stiles then said, boldly. I saw the fire in my dad's eyes. That's when he tried to hit Stiles. I grabbed my dad's fist, and swung. I hit him right over the left temple, and he slowly sunk to the ground. 

   "Oops," I whispered. 

   "Yeah oops, how am I going to explain to my dad?" Stiles was freaking out. 

   "Stiles, calm down," I said. But he was still rambling. I made up my mind, I liked him. "Hey!" He stopped. A girl stumbled over my dad, and into the house. Her hair was a dirty blond color, and her eyes were glowing blue. She was covered in blood up to her neck. 

   "Whoa," Stiles said, and before she hit the ground I caught her. Pain seeped up my arms, as I set her on the ground. I looked at my arms. Black veins had crawled up them. That's when I saw him. The man that turned me. 

   "Stiles," I said warningly. Stiles reached for his phone, as i felt the change come again. 

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