Teen Wolf


2. Scott

When Scott got there, everything changed. 

  "Stiles why is this an emergency?" Scott asked. I had been feeling a slight dull pain on my side all morning. 

  "Her side, just look," Stiles said. Scott reached for my shirt, but I flinched away from him. 

  "Okay, has she said anything to you?" Scott asked Stiles. 

  "Nope, not a word," Stiles answered. Scott turned to me. 

  "How did you know my name then?" I asked. Stiles jumped, and Scott smiled. 

  "Will you let me see?" Scott asked me, and I was a little curious too. I didn't remember anything. I lifted my shirt up a little. It was a bite mark... it was bruised, and it looked gross. 

  "See, I told you," Stiles said. I looked up at him, and our eyes met. Something was different. His eyes looked sad. 

  "I don't even know anybody around here that's an alpha," Scott said. "Do you remember anything?" I shook my head. Alpha? What the hell was going on? 

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