Teen Wolf


8. Open Your Eyes

"Olivia," I could feel someone holding my hand, yet I was unable to open my eyes. 

    "Eh, it's my turn," Derek said. "You've been in the same spot for three days, come on, go get something to eat." The hand slipped away from me. 

    "I can't eat," Stiles said. "I can't sleep, I can't..." He seemed a little jumpy. I tried to collect enough strength to open my eyes. I did, but something was different about me. It was like waking up for the first time in forever. Stiles, and Derek were instantly at my side. Derek touched my hand, and the sore, aching pain in my head disappeared. Scott came in then, with a woman. 

    "Let's take a look," the woman said. She unravelled the bandage that was on my side, and it was just a reed blemish now. "You're lucky, Ms. Olivia. You see we didn't have you blood type in stock, so we had to find a donor, which Stiles has O negative which he proudly donated to help you." I had Stiles' blood running through my veins? He liked me, I could tell, but so did Derek. Who was I going to choose? 

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