Teen Wolf


1. Introduction

When I opened my eyes, I was in some unfamiliar place. Someone's room, maybe? The name Stiles kept popping into my head, but I shoved it back. What the hell happened last night? I was wearing someone else's shirt. I heard someone outside of the door. 

  "Dad, she had no place to go," someone said. "Listen, I found her, on the street. Scott is going to help her."

  "When did you decide this? Last night?" the other one said. What the hell happened last night? That's when the door opened. 

  "Her name is Olivia," the teen said. That was Stiles? I flinched at the sound of him saying my name. 

  "You gave her your shirt?" the other one said. He had a police uniform on. 

  "I can't talk about this in front of her..." Stiles said. 

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