Teen Wolf


10. Full Moon

We were in an old dusty room. I was sitting on the bed, Derek was sitting next to me, and Scott was pacing in the middle of the floor. Kira was gone, and Malia was with us. I was tired, and to add to it, I didn't trust myself. What if I got out? What if one of us got out? I felt power seep into my veins. I tried to push it out, but there was no way to. 

    Derek grabbed my hand. I looked up at him. What was he thinking? His eyes seemed dark, and mysterious, they were clouded shielding his emotions from me. What was he really thinking? I felt like crying. I wanted him to pull me close, and just hold me until the night was over. I just wanted him to do that for me. I just wanted someone to comfort me. I was dealing with a lot, my dad, Stiles, Derek, and this whole change. 

   "Is there a bathroom somewhere?" I asked. Derek pointed, and I saw a door. "Thanks." I went to the restroom, and there was a window. That's when an idea hit me, as well as the change. 

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