The tree of magic

This is a fanficktion With Tom Hiddleston, Chris Hemsworth, Zachary Levi and Benedict Cumberbatch, but the story is set in a fantasy World .. This is my first try at something like this so be Nice ;)
I imagine Them looking like on the cover..

The country Armagh has lost nearly all its Magic after a great War and the land is slowly whitering, the princess gathers a group of People who still posesses Magic, People cast out of a society that fears them..
One member carries a great secret With him. Can they save the land from the gathering darkness ? And Can They save themself


4. Tom an Ben story

 Tom was watching the city of Bray awaken from a rooftop, he had been up early as always, Ben was still asleep in the tent, he probably wouldn't get up before Tom woke him.
 The first ones out was always the bakers and the fishermen, then came the other shoopkeepers and then the servants to get fresh bread for their master breakfast.
 He could smell the city, right know it smelled of hot bread and fresh fish but also of manure, dirty people and human waste, the city had a lot of poor people and you could smell that.
 Tom slid down the roof, jumped down to a lower roof and from there to the ground, landing with cat like grace.
 He walked over to one of the bakers, pointing to a loaf of bred, throwing the coins on the small counter, keeping the hood of his cloak over his head at all times.
 Then he walked back to the tent, it was a large round tent with red and yellow stribes and it was sitting on the outskirts of a big open plaza in the middle of the city.
 Twice a day Ben would do a magic show, it was all tricks and make believe, no one wanted to see real magic, but Ben often spiced up his show with at dash of magic to make it more spectacular.
 Tom warned him again and again, if he over did it, if someone found of, they could be in some serious trouble, but Ben just couldn't help it.
 "Get your lazy ass out of bed". Tom had pulled of the cloak and he was nudging Ben with his boot.
 Ben grunted and rolled away. "Leave me be Tom, we can't all be early birds like you, I for one like my sleep". 
 "You have sleept for 10 hours, so get up I brought fresh bread, and you need to be ready for your perfomance". Tom shook his head, his friend would sleep his live away if it wasn't for him.
 Ben slowly rose and stretched, yawning like someone who hadn't sleept enough. "Another boring display of tricks, nothing but make believe, why can't we put on a real magic show ?"
 "Because you would get yourself killed, and probably me to, if you did". Tom answers.
 He holds out a kettle fillede with cold water, Ben sighs and touches the kettle with a look of utter boredom on his face, the water boils within seconds and Tom proceeds to make tea.
 They ate in silence and then Tom cleared out the ring while Ben put on his costume, it was a dark blue kimono adorne with sparkling silver stars, Tom often told him he needed a matching pointed hat.
 Tom put on his cloak and pulled the hood over his head, before walking outside, opening the tent.
 Af few minutes later Ben came out, looking everything the part of a fake magician, he startede walking around the plaza talking about the wonders about to happen in the tent.
 Once in a while he stopped and did some small illusional trick and people started gathering, as much as real magic svared people, most of them loved a good magic show.
 Tom is standing by the entrance to the tent, and every time someone comes over to enter, he held out his hand and they places a coin in it, he nods and they walk inside.
 After some time Ben walks over, he looks bored out of his mind, a look Tom fears, this means he might do something stupid just to entertain himself.
 "Are we ready to begin ? I can't take much more of this". Ben theatrical spread out his arms, like he means the entire city.
 Tom nods, better get this over and done with a few empty seats, than risk an outburst from Ben. "Yeah we are nearly full".
 The show starts, Tom is standing by the exit, keeping an eye on Ben, trying to make sure he is not overdoing it.
 The audience is gaping and ahh-ing at Bens illusions, Tom can easily spot when it is all a slide of hand and when it is the real thing, but he knows that the audience can't.
 They believe it all to be fake but he knows that they like to play with the idea of it all being for real, even though it scares them, most humans are weird that way.
 "And now for something very spectacular". Ben said, making Tom look up, he know that tone in his friends voice, Ben is about to do something utterly stupid.
 He tries to get his attention, but it is to late, Ben is in his own world, when Tom sees the shimmering golden ring in the air he is about to panic, why on earth would Ben open a portal ?
 Tom knew the audience would be in a panic if they could see the portal, not to mention the some of the things on the other side, but he know they can't see it, even Ben can't see it, he cam only feel it.
 Ben pulls something from the portal, it is a beautiful bird, it sores aronud the tent, the audience gasp, believing it to be an illusion, then it disappears back into the portal.
 A throng of silver butterflies emerges instead, flying over peoples heads, making them gape in wonder before going back through the portal.
 And then it happens, something dark is coming, something dangerous, Tom can feel it even before it emerges, it is big and wolf like, but with fangs and spikes protruding from its back, it has a bronze hue to the fur.
 "A wolf, a wolf is loose in the tent". Someone yells and people starts screaming, good thing humans are so credulous Tom thinks an rips open the exit.
 Ben is trying to get the wolf like creature bag through the portal, but it is to strong, Tom tries to clear everyone out as fast as possible.
 A small girl tries to run through the ring to escape, but she walls and the wolf thing is on top of her, Tom react on instinct, in a flash he is kicking the monsters snout pulling the girl into his arms.
 He puts her down next to the exit, she looks shocked and Tom says. "Now run along little one, as far away as you can".
 The audience has cleared the tent, Tom turns to see that Ben is in trouble, the monster is cloosing in on him, he needs to do something.
 He throws of his cape, his long bow in his hand, firing three arrows fast after one another, all hitting the monster, but they just fall of without doing damage and Tom courses.
 At least the thing turns to Tom, giving Ben more time and place to try and push it mentally back through the portal.
 Tom knows he needs to do something fast, and his mind make up a plan, he just have to hope it will work. "Ben when I say now, then give it everything you got".
 Ben nods, and Tom moves keeping the monsters attantion on him, making it turn to face the portal, it is now or never he thought.
 The monster looks confused as he runs toward it, it open it's mouth, in the last moment he throws himself down and the monster bites into nothing.
 "Now". Tom yells, as he slides under the monster, and uses his leg and bow as a lever to push the monster up in the air, making it flip over.
 As he gets up he sees it fall back through the portal which closes, Ben falling to his knees moaning in pain.
 "Are you okay Ben ?" Tom is by his side in an instant, he sees a thin line of blood running from his friends nose.
 Ben cradle his head, he looks like he is in alot of pain. "Yeah Tom, thanks, I just need to lie down for a moment".
 "You are a bloody idiot, I hope you know that". Tom says, Ben is just giving him a faint smile, as he helps him over to his bed to lie down.
 When Ben is asleep, Tom put on his cloak and hood, and slips out the tent, everyone is talking about the incident, but luckily it seems people are really convinced it was a wolf.

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