The tree of magic

This is a fanficktion With Tom Hiddleston, Chris Hemsworth, Zachary Levi and Benedict Cumberbatch, but the story is set in a fantasy World .. This is my first try at something like this so be Nice ;)
I imagine Them looking like on the cover..

The country Armagh has lost nearly all its Magic after a great War and the land is slowly whitering, the princess gathers a group of People who still posesses Magic, People cast out of a society that fears them..
One member carries a great secret With him. Can they save the land from the gathering darkness ? And Can They save themself


9. The Dark power

 She walks over to the small group of people, all so different, but with one thing in common, they all have special powers, just like Talia herself has and she needs them, to help save her land and possibly the world.
 "Hi Ben, nice to see you are dressed now, and once again sorry for the pulling you out of bed and the handcuffs". She says looking at him, and he smirks at her.
 She moves on and looks at Chris, he has been freshend up to and she nods at him. "Good to see you Chris". She turns to Gaia. "You look like a real princess Gaia".
 "Oh lord Zac, I almost didn't recognised you, don't you clean up very well". It kind of just came out before she had time to filter it, she was just very surprised by the change a simple bath and clean clothes had caused.
 He blushed and looked at the floor, looking like he didn't know what to do. "Uhh thank you, your Highness".
 "Please just call me Talia, all of you, I am not so fond of titles, and I hope we will all be friends, but now let's sit down and have some food, and I tell you everything". She said
 They all walk to the table and sit down, and when the waiters has come with the food and anyone has started eating Talia starts to tell.
 "You all probably know that the land is withering, my grandfather unfortunately thought that magic was the reason and tried to snuff out all magic". She says and they all nod.
 She continues. "And my father, well I love him but he is an incompetent king, he has done nothing, but I have studied and read the old scripts and the problem is the magic, but it is not the presence of magic but the lack of magic".
 "But how do you propose to fix that ? It is not like we can just restore magic to the land". Ben says looking at her.
 Talia sighs. "I know this probably seems far out, but all my studies point to the magic coming from a tree growing in the middle of the Leenaun forest, the tree of magic".
 "Isn't that just childrens stories ?" Zachary says, he had heard those fairy-tales as a kid just as the others.
 She shakes her head. "There are a lot of evidence in the old scripts and I know someone who once saw the tree, it is for real, but something is very wrong, I have send out soldiers to check the tree several times, but they never came back, except for one and what he tells is alarming".
 "And what does he tell ?" Gaia looks a bit scared and nervous, not really understanding why they are there and why Talia is telling them this.
 Talia bites her lips. "The tree is sying it seems, even though he only saw it at a distance, but the worst part is that something evil is coming from the area, he talked about monsters and decay".
 "But why are we here ? What can we do ?" Ben looks at her, he have a feeling, but he can't really wrap head around it.
 Talia looks at all of them in turn. "I realised we need more than just soldiers here, we need magic and special powers and that is what you got".
 "I get why Ben is here, I guess he has some impressive and dangerous powers, is I saw how scared the soldiers were, and Chris well he is clearly used to fighting, but what do you need me fore ?" Gaia said and Zachary added. "Or me ?"
 "My friend, my teacher, he is the one who has seen the tree, he has powers to, he saw you all, he helped me find you, I need all of you, I don't excatly know how or why, but when he say I do, that is the truth". She says hoping they will believe her.
 They all look a bit overwhelmed and Talia stands up. "I will leave you to talk and to think, and I will come to talk to all of you in the morning, if you wish to leave and return home, you can do so, but I hope you will help me".
 Talia got up and left to walk to her own rooms, thinking and hoping, hoping they would believe her, hoping they are all willing to risk their lives helping her.
 Wondering what or who the missing part is, her teacher master Adler had told her he saw a dark power, but even he couldn't see who,or what it was, just that she needed it to succeed.

 He has sneaked into the fort, climbing through a window on the backside, and he is just trying to find out what to do, when someone enters the room, he acts fast, pitting the person to the wall, a knife at the throat.
 The person snaps her fingers and the candles turns on instantly, and he sees that it is the princess, she looks at him without fear. "And who might you be ?"
 "That is none of you concern, I am here to free Ben, you have no right to take him prisoner". He hisses at her.
 She lifts her hand and touches the knive at her throat, and second later he has to let go as it is burning his ham. "I am not keeping Ben prisoner, I am sorry for the way he was picked up, but he is here to help me".
 "And what if he doesn't want to ?" He asks, apparently there is more to the princess than meets the eye, powers for example.
 She smiles at him, apparently totally unafraid of a stranger in her room. "Then he is free to leave, but I hope he will help, I need him badly".
 "For what ? What do you need this people for ?" He is still standing directly in front of her, keeping his face in the shadows of his hood.
 Talia is starting to realise something, this man, this stranger that somehow has managed to enter the fort and her room without getting seen, he is her dark power, the last piece of the puzzle, she can feel the magic from him like nothing she has ever felt before, it it like it is emitting a low humming feeling, she knows he is dangerous, more dangerous than anyone she has ever encountered, but she need him to fulfil her destiny.
 She looks at him, knowing she is really taking a big risk here. "Will you come with me, there is someone I want you to meet, someone who will make you see, do you trust me this much".
 He takes a step closer to her and gaze into her eyes, Talia feels sucked i to his piercing blue eyes, it is like staring into infinity, unable to escape, then he blinks, relising her and he nods. "Take me there".

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