The tree of magic

This is a fanficktion With Tom Hiddleston, Chris Hemsworth, Zachary Levi and Benedict Cumberbatch, but the story is set in a fantasy World .. This is my first try at something like this so be Nice ;)
I imagine Them looking like on the cover..

The country Armagh has lost nearly all its Magic after a great War and the land is slowly whitering, the princess gathers a group of People who still posesses Magic, People cast out of a society that fears them..
One member carries a great secret With him. Can they save the land from the gathering darkness ? And Can They save themself


28. Some scary powers

 He faintly hears Zachary call from the forest, there are zombies and he gives the message to Talia. "Zombies in the wood, straight north, Zac is in trouble". 
 He hurries into the wood, God damn Zachary better have the sense to run this time, what would he do unarmed ?
 He hear some very weird noises as he approaches, but soon just silence and it scares him a bit, it is an eerie silence.
 The first he sees when he approaches, is half a body hanging from a tree, then scattered parts of zombies, and he is wondering what the hell happened.
 When he arrives at the clearing he stops in shock, trying to take in the scene, Zachary is kneeling in the middle of the clearing, breathing heavily, the ground littered with corpses, some smashed, some ripped apart.
 It looks like a battleground out of some hellish nightmare, where two armies have collided.
 "Zac ?" Tom is starring at him, even he can't imagine what have done something like this. "What happened ?"
 Zachary looks up at him, blinking a couple of times, seeming a bit confused, he is literally covered in blood and gore. "I.. I don't know, I kind of blacked out I think".
 "Well seems like you don't need any help here". Tom says looking around, this gives him an uneasy feeling, he can't even imagine what kind of power this has taken.
 Zachary is shaking his head, looking at his hands, like he is wondering if they will attack him. "The zombies came and.. And everything went kind of red.. I.. I  everything is just blank".
 He walks slowly over to Zachary and helps him to his feet, just as the others arrive and Ben gasps. "What the hell happened here ?"
 "Seems like Zac took care of that little zombie problem". Tom says, sending Ben a glance telling him that this is not to be discussed right now.

 "Did he do that Tom ? Alone and unarmed ?" She is pacing the ground, looking at Tom and Ben.
 They had managed to get Zachary cleaned in a small stream and he was now sleeping, watched by Chris and Gaia, he didn't remember what happened, and he had fallen asleep right away, seeming very exhausted.
 Tom sighs. "I can't see any other option, but I don't know how, I can't even imagine what kind of powers was used, they were literally torn to pieces and smashed".
 "Does it come from the orc essence ? But even an orc couldn't have done that, could it ?" Talia asks, she had to admit that this scared her quite a bit.
 Tom shooke his head. "No, the orc is only influencing his mind, it can't give him new powers, but maybe it has somehow tabbed into his latent powers, pulling it all out at once".
 "That is some serious powers then, I couldn't have done anything like that to be honest, it could be dangerous if he can't control it". Ben said.
 Talia sat down. "Then what do we do ? Is it even save to have him here as long as his powers are unstable ?"
 "I think we should wait till he is back to himself, it should take no more than two days, and then see if the powers are still active and if he has any control, before we decides". Tom said running a hand through his hair.
 Talia breathed out deeply. "Okay, but if I have to listen to him calling me woman and demand that I satisfies his needs one more time, I think my head might explode".
 "Well you and me both, I do not particularly enjoy hearing him talk to you like that". Ben says in an annoyed tone.
 She looks at him and raises one eyebrow. "Why is that Ben ? He is actually not sounding to different from you, are you afraid of the competition ?"
 "Oh believe me, that kid is no competition to me darling and I think you know that very well". He says with a smirk.
 She smiled teasingly at Ben. "Well he is hardly a kid Ben, I am guessing only a couple of years younger than you, and quite a bit larger...I mean taller".
 Tom hurriedly gets up. "And this is were I leave, this I do not want to watch to be honest".

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