The tree of magic

This is a fanficktion With Tom Hiddleston, Chris Hemsworth, Zachary Levi and Benedict Cumberbatch, but the story is set in a fantasy World .. This is my first try at something like this so be Nice ;)
I imagine Them looking like on the cover..

The country Armagh has lost nearly all its Magic after a great War and the land is slowly whitering, the princess gathers a group of People who still posesses Magic, People cast out of a society that fears them..
One member carries a great secret With him. Can they save the land from the gathering darkness ? And Can They save themself


1. Prologue

 This is my first try at a fanfic that places the persons in another World and therefor making Them different People.. Hope you like it.. Please Wote and comment, so I now if this is Any good 😘

Once upon a time the land of Armagh had been a beautiful and luxuriantly land, inhabited by happy people from all over the world, a great variety of animals and magical beings.
 Many people was born with magic or other special abilities, which they were thought to use to help others and make the land prosper, these people was seen as being special and was held in high regards.
 But many years ago a league of magicians had gathered great powers and coarsed some of the magical creatures to help them, others were forced or enchanted to do their bidding.
 They tried to take over the land, wanting to eliminate or enslave everyone without magic.
 They were stopped in time, thanks to the brave king and his greatest knights, but the war had a lot of casualties, and people was scared, they started to fear everything magic.
 The people of Armagh feel that magic had corrupted the magicians and they started hating everything magical or in other way different.
 The leaders of the guild had been for an island called Athlone and everyone hailing from there was cast out of Armagh.
 Slowly the other foreigners left too, and the magical beings disappeared, many of them hunted and slaughtered, the magic had all but disappeared.
 Since then Armagh had been a peaceful land, but the land withered, it had turned barren and its people was poor and hungry, some said this was because the magic had gone, but most people didn't dare saying it out laud.
 Sometimes stories where told, stories of a happy and prosperous land, and whispers that maybe the land neaded the magic back, but most people still feared and hated everything magical.

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