The tree of magic

This is a fanficktion With Tom Hiddleston, Chris Hemsworth, Zachary Levi and Benedict Cumberbatch, but the story is set in a fantasy World .. This is my first try at something like this so be Nice ;)
I imagine Them looking like on the cover..

The country Armagh has lost nearly all its Magic after a great War and the land is slowly whitering, the princess gathers a group of People who still posesses Magic, People cast out of a society that fears them..
One member carries a great secret With him. Can they save the land from the gathering darkness ? And Can They save themself


11. Practising and a missing thief

 He was on his way to bed when their was a soft knock on his door and he said a bit confused. "Come on in".
 The door opened and about the last person he expected came inside. "Tom ? What are you doing here ?"
 "Well I came to save you, but I just talked to the princess, and to the soldier who returned and well know I am here to talk you into going on the quest with us". Tom says, pulling back his hood.
 Ben sighes. "So it is true ? Well if you say it is I know it is and if you tell me I need to go, then I am going".
 "Thank you Ben, and yes it is true, there are very dark things at work, and if we don't do anything it will soon spread through the land". He sits down and tells Ben everything he saw.
 Ben trusted Tom with his life, well with everything actually and he had his reasons to do so, but he knew most other people would have a hard time trusting his friend.

 It is the next day and she is walking through across the courtyard with Gaia, stopping to watch Chris train with some soldiers. "Has he agreed to come ?"
 "Yes he came to me this morning and said he is coming, so everyone is in, we will leave in two days". Talia says.
 Gaia watches Chris, she don't know much about fighting, but he is holding 4 soldiers off by himself, so she guess he is good at it, suddenly he gets a bad cut on the arm and Gaia gasps and is ready to run over to heal it.
 "Wait, watch". Talia grabs her armand she sees how the wound closes itself and disappears, and Talia says. "A very handy skill for a figther".
 They walk on, Ben is standing in the other end of the courtyard, he is making some weird movements with his hands, then suddenly shoots baals of fire at a target doll normally used for fencing practise, causing it to disintegrate into ashes.
 "I have to admit, I get why my soldiers was scared of picking him up, thatnis some scary powers, I am happy he is on our side". Talia says.
 Gaia glances at the new addition to their group Tom, he is standing to the side watching, the hood covering his face in shadows. "To be honest, that one makes me more uneasy, there is something really frightening about him".
 "It might be the hiding his face, but trust me, Tom is on our aide and we need him". Talia says, thinking that he might scare people even more if they saw him, if they knew what he is.
 Gaia looks around in the yard. "By the way have you seen Zac anywhere since breakfast ?"
 "No, now you mention it, I haven't seen him anywhere". She calls over the leader of the soldiers asking. "Have you seen Mr Levi anywhere ?"
 "The thief, no I haven't seen him and to be honest your Majesty, i think it is dangerous to put this much trust in a thief, such men can't be trusted, he will betray you if the price is right". The soldier says.
 Talia is about to say something, but Gaia beats her to it. "It is not nice to hold peoples past against them, you do not know Zac, he wouldn't betray anyone".
 "Oh and apparently he knows how to turn the heads of gullible young maidens as well, remember that a handsome face and pretty eyes don't make a man reliable". He scoffs and walks off.
 Gaia blushes deeply and Talia puts a hand on her arm. "Don't listen to him, I think you are right about Zac, I think we can trust him, but he is right about something, he is a handsome scoundrel that one".
 "I guess he is kind of nice looking". Gaia says, knowing she is blushing again, she has never really been interested in men, all the men in her village seemed boring and uninteresting.
 Talia smiles and winks at her. "Well I need to talk to Tom, could you be a sweetheart and see if you could find Zac for me ?"
 "Of course". She says and hurries of, as Talia makes her way to Tom, to run some ideas by him.

 She is wondering were Zachary could be and why he is not outside with everyone else, what can he be up to ?
 She is angry with the soldier, she is not some stupid girl falling for a pair of pretty eyes, she is not falling for anyone at all, she just think Zachary seems nice and well as Talia said, he is kind of handsome with those soft dark curls, the warm hazel eyes and that flashing smile.
 As she walks into the big dining hall on her way to knock on Zacharys room, she suddenly hears what sound like soft sobs, but she can't see anyone in the room, but when she open her senses she can feel him. "Zac ?"
 At first there is nothing, then the air kind of shimmers and she sees him sitting on the floor in front of the fireplace, his long legs pulled up to his chest and his arms folded around them.
 She walks over and kneels down in front of him, putting a hand on his knee. "What is wrong Zac ?"
 "Nothing really, I am just being stupid". He looks up and tries to wipe the tears from his eyes, looking embarrassed that she has seen him cry.
 She don't know why, but something inside her just want to make him feel better and she reaches out and dry of the tears on his cheek. "There is nothing wrong with being upset, please tell me what is wrong Zac ?"
 "I.. I just don't get why I am here, I am no hero, I am no fighter, I mean look at Chris and Ben, I get why they are handy on a quest like this and that new guy Tom, I don't know what he does, but his presence alone scares me, so I am sure he has some scary powers, me I can disappear when I need to run, not very heroic or usable for this". He looks atbhis hands.
 Gaia sighes. "I am not exactly a fighter either, but Talia says that we are all needed, even though we might not understand it".
 "But you can heal, that is an awesome power, and very usable on a quest, I am just a thief, and I see how the soldiers and staff keeps glancing at me, like they expect me to steal everything". He says, his voice filled with resignation.
 She getly grabs his chin, forsing him to look her in the eyes. "Zac you are not just a thief, no one is just one thing, and I got a feeling that there is a lot more to you, that we will need you to succeed".
 "Thank you Gaia, no one has ever been friendly and sweet to me like this". He say getting up, offering her his hand and she takes, letting him help her to her feet to.
 She smiles up at him, standing this close she realise that she barely reaches his shoulder. "Just believe in yourself, you have a lot to offer".
 "Can I hug you ?" He asks and when she nods, he slides his long arms around her, pulling her into him, and she folds her arms around him to.
 The physical contact makes her head spin, this is the closest she has ever been to a man, he feels so warm and strong, she feels save, her face is resting on his chest and she breathes in his scent, it is warm, masculine and slightly spicy.
 "Oh you did find him, Zac could I have a word ?" Gaia blushes when she hear Talias voice, embarrassed thatbshe has seen them this intimate, Zachary lets her go and answers. "Of course".

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