The tree of magic

This is a fanficktion With Tom Hiddleston, Chris Hemsworth, Zachary Levi and Benedict Cumberbatch, but the story is set in a fantasy World .. This is my first try at something like this so be Nice ;)
I imagine Them looking like on the cover..

The country Armagh has lost nearly all its Magic after a great War and the land is slowly whitering, the princess gathers a group of People who still posesses Magic, People cast out of a society that fears them..
One member carries a great secret With him. Can they save the land from the gathering darkness ? And Can They save themself


10. Pointy ears and healing wounds

 She leeds him down the halway, glancing at him, he is tall and slim, but his face is kept in constant shadows by a wide hood. "By the way, just call me Talia and your name is ?"
 "Tom, just call me Tom". He says with a deep melodic voice, as she stops outside the last room and knocks softly.
 They walk inside and she says. "Tom this is master Adler my teacher, Master Adler, this id Tom, I think he is the missing piece, the one you talked about, I want him to see Geoffrey".
 "Welcome Tom, Geoffrey is asleep I'm afraid, or for him it is good". He says pointing to a sleeping form in a bed.
 Tom just shakes his head. "No problem, it may even make it all the more easier, is it okay if I touch him ?"
 They both nods and Tom walks slowly to the bed and places his fingers on the sleeping mans head, closing his eyes, just standing there for a couple of minutes.
 Talia looks at master Adler and raises an eyebrow questioning and she hears the old mans voice clearly in his head. "You are right, he is the one, but be careful, he could be dangerous, he is must more than he pretends to be".
 Tom turns around and lower his hood, and she sees him for the first time clearly, he has a strong jaw with ginger stubbles, thin lips, high sharp cheekbones, a straight nose and fluffy sandy ginger hair with a sligt curl to it.
 She contains a gasp when she sees his ears, they are a bit longer than normal and pointed at the top like the elves of the old stories.
 "What do you need me to do ?" His eyes catching hers, his gaze completely honest and she know he has just seen what the soldier saw in the forest.
 She smiles at him. "I am going on a quest to save the tree, I would be very happy if you would come with me and if you could talk Ben into coming it would be even better".
 "Count me in and I am pretty sure I can get Ben to come to, just show me were to find him". He says.
"Down the hall, fift door from her on the right hand, that is his room". She tells him, and he nods, pulling up his hood, before leving the room.

 "What do you think ? It sounds very much like a story". Chris says looking at the others.
 Ben shrugs and Zachary says in a low voice. "But why would she lie ? Why would she ask for our help if it wasn't true ?"
 "I agree with Zac". Gaia says and he sends her a sweet smile. "See seems to really need our help and she has no reason to lie, if she wanted to harm us she could have done it already without trouble".
 "So you two are in on the quest I take it ?" Ben look at Gaia and Zachary, whom both nod and Zachary says. "I have nothing else to so with my life, she pullede me out of a dungeon, hadn't she I would probably have been hanged".
 Chris gets up. "Well I was a slave, now I am free and I want to think about this, so a good night to you all".
 They all nod at him as he leaves the room, Ben gets up to. "Well I will go rest, I need my sleep and I need to think about this too, so sleep well you to".
 "Night Ben". Gaia says and smile at him and Zachary nods at him as he goes out the door, leaving them alone in the room.
 She suddenly feels nervous, she is not used to be alone with men other than her father, and she probably shouldn't have faith in Zachary, he is a criminal, a thief, most people would say not to be trusted, but he seams so genuine.
 "So what is your power ? If I may ask". Zachary looks at her curiously and scratches at his arm.
 She has seen the burn he is trying to hide and she gently reaches out and takes his hand, turning it over to reveal his wrist and the burn marking him as a thief.
 He looks down, seeming a bit embarrassed by the mark, but she just smiles and sends her power up through his arm, he gasps at the feeling and looks at his arm.
 The burn slowly heals to be a scar on his skin, she can't remove it entirely, it is burned to deep, but now the pain ant the itch is at least gone.
 He looks up at her, his eyes warm and he smiles at her. "Thank you Gaia, that is an awsome power".
 "Thank you, but that was really nothing, it just looked like it was very uncomfortable". She blushes, suddenly feeling kind of weird.
 He sighs. "Well we better get back to and get some sleep, may I walk you to your room ? To make sure you get there safe".
 She nods slowly and he gets up and opens the door for her, following her outside and offering her his arm, which she accepts.
 As they walk she glances up at him, he really is tall and she think he is really handsome, those dark curls, keps falling down on his forhead, making him run a big hand through it.
 He looks at her with those warm hazel eyes, smiling friendly. "Were did they pick you up ?"
 "In my home, I was living with my father on our little farm until they showed up, but I can't say now, not if I can help heal the land". She answers.
 He nods and after a couple of more steps Gaia softly ask. "What about you, you didn't seam to come from a nice place, you said something about a dungeon ? It is okay if you don't want to answer".
 "It's okay, I can't really hide what I am, or at least was, I stole a famous jewel, I was to sure of myself and I got caught, they threw me in the dungeon and branded me, I never thought I would see daylight again". He say and stop in front of her door.
 She looks up at him. "So you are happy they came for you ?" He nods and shrugs. "Jah, this might be my change to start over, to do something better with my life".
 "I am sure you will, if you just believe in it". She says smiling at him, when she healed him she could feel him and his heart is true.
 He smiles warmly and then kisses her cheek softly. "Thank you, and sleep well Gaia, see you tomorrow".
 "Night Zac, and yes see you tomorrow". She says before she walks into her own room, hering him walk down the hall to his room.

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