The tree of magic

This is a fanficktion With Tom Hiddleston, Chris Hemsworth, Zachary Levi and Benedict Cumberbatch, but the story is set in a fantasy World .. This is my first try at something like this so be Nice ;)
I imagine Them looking like on the cover..

The country Armagh has lost nearly all its Magic after a great War and the land is slowly whitering, the princess gathers a group of People who still posesses Magic, People cast out of a society that fears them..
One member carries a great secret With him. Can they save the land from the gathering darkness ? And Can They save themself


17. Necromancers and secrets

 He is slowly backing up, to be totally honest there is no way he can handle around twenty zombies alone armed with two knifes, if help doesn't arrives soon he is pretty much toast.
 But at least he got Gaia out of the way, that had been his only thought, oh that and that at least he got to kiss her once before he is going to be ripped to pieces by zombies.
 The first zombie, the one from the lake was nearly upon him, and he swept the legs from under it, slashing its head of with his knifes.
 But now the zombies were closing in on him and he knew that he would only be able to handle a couple before he would be overwhelmed, he hoped someone would show up soon.
 Was he scared, of course, who wouldn't be, did he hate to know that he would probably be dead within minutes, very much indeed, especially after having met Gaia and felt something he thought he never would.
 As the zombies was nearly upon him he heard a voice behind him on the left. "Zac for goods sake use your invisability".
 It was Ben, he had heard Gaia scream and had hurried back to see what was happening, to find Zachary facing about twenty animated corpses on his own, not even thinking about using his abilities apparently.
 Zachary kind of felt like an idiot, why hadn't he thought about making himself invisible, it would give him a huge advantage if the zombies couldn't see him.
 Ben was already throwing small fire balls at zombies, as Zac turned invisible, making the zombies look as confused as they were capable of. "Hey Ben please don't hit me".
 "Well stay to the left and I try not to". He called back grinning, looking like he had the time of his life, burning up zombies.
 Zac went up behind the closest zombie sliding of its head with his knifes, moving on to the next, staying to the left and keeping one eye on Ben in case he needed to dive out of the way.
 "And what do we have here ? A petty thief who thinks he can hide and a mediocre wizard". Zac looked for the source of the voice, it came from the forest.
 Then he saw a cloaked form float towards them, just as Ben fired up the last zombie, the form turned towards Zachary and waved his hand, making his invisibility dissapear.
 "Who the fuck are you ?" Ben asked, and Zachary noticed he was a bit breathless, probably from using so much magic.
 The figure just laughed, a cold emotionless laugh, then it made a motion with its arm, throwing Ben to the ground.
 As the figure lifted its arm, clearly ready to end Ben with some kind of spell, Zachary reacted on instinct, throwing himself between them, holding up his arms in some vain attempt to shild himself.
 He waited for the pain or the nothingness of dead, but all he felt was a slight push and the form growled. "So the thief is not so petty after all, he has secrets".
 Zachary looked up and gasped in shock, something shimmering emitted from his hands, creating some form of force field in front of him, protecting him and Ben.
 "Lets se how strong you are". The form said lifting his arms, pale hands almost skeletal was revealed and he made a hand gesture, throwing a spell at the shield.
 Zachary could feel the impact in his entire body, but he had no trouble holding up the shield.
 The figure kept throwing spells at him, and Zac started feeling exhausted, the figure sounded angry now. "Impressive thief, very impressive, but you can't hold it forever".
 "Well luckily he doesn't have to". Suddenly Tom was there, his bow in his hands and Zachary could hear the others approach to.
 Tom was firing arrows at an impossible speed, hitting the target every time, they weren't hurting the figure, but kept him from casting more spells at Zachary.
 "Well well what do we have here, an elf if I am not mistaken, I didn't know there were any left in this land". The figure said.
 Zachary looked at Tom, an elf ? Could he really be ? He saw how those long pale fingeres moved with a speed and grace impossible to human beings, was this the reason he kept his face hidden ?
Ben was getting back on his feet next to him, starting to throw balls of energy at the figure, and when it saw Chris and Talia come into view the soldiers behind them, the figure growled. "I'll see you again at a more opportune time". And then dissapered in a twirl of smoke.
 Zachary fell to his knees, the shild disappearing, his head was pounding and so was his heart, he felt faint and his whole body ached.
 "Fuck Zac I didn't know you were capable of that". Ben looked at him, equally surprised and impressed.
 Zachary couldn't help grin up at him, the adrenalin starting to subside and he just felt like sleeping for at least a week. "Well neither did I, so that makes two of us".
 "What happened ?" Talia came running over, looking at all of them and at the corpses littering the ground.
 Zachary didn't have the energy to talk, so Ben did. "Well animated corpses, I found Zac here facing at least twenty alone with only two knifes, when we had just gooten rid of them, a necromancer showed up, a very strong one, I was actually done for when Zac here made an energy shield holding him of".
 "Are you okay Zac ? Are you hurt ?" Gaia was suddenly kneeling next to him, her eyes very worried.
 He managed to nod and lokked up at her saying. "Yes I am okay, not hurt, just very very tired".
 "Did you really just attack lots of zombies alone with just knifes and then threw yourself in front of a necromaner not knowing you could shield yourself ?" Talia looked at him.
 He nodded, looking like it was nothing and then stared at Tom, who stod to the side, looking like he couldn't believe it, then asked. "Was he right ? Are you really an elf ?"
 Everyone turned to stare at Tom, who slowly lowered his hood, making everyone but Ben and Talia gasp. "Well only half, so yes I am a half elf".

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