The tree of magic

This is a fanficktion With Tom Hiddleston, Chris Hemsworth, Zachary Levi and Benedict Cumberbatch, but the story is set in a fantasy World .. This is my first try at something like this so be Nice ;)
I imagine Them looking like on the cover..

The country Armagh has lost nearly all its Magic after a great War and the land is slowly whitering, the princess gathers a group of People who still posesses Magic, People cast out of a society that fears them..
One member carries a great secret With him. Can they save the land from the gathering darkness ? And Can They save themself


21. Naugthy magic

 She was looking after Zachary and Gaia disappearing upstairs together, when she heard a warm deep voice in her ear. "So seems like Zac is finally getting some of the fun action tonight, so what do you say we give them a run for their money ?"
 "Well Ben I am pretty sure she is a virgin and I know Zac is a gentleman, he wouldn't push her, so I think they might actually just want to be alone a bit, maybe snuggle a little". She tells Ben.
 She would be lying if she said that his deep rich voice wasn't getting to her and her thoughts went back to the day he arrived, he had a slim but strong looking upper body, she had to admit she found him attractive, but this wasn't a time for her to start anything up, she had to much on her mind with the quest.
 "Well but I am quite sure that you are not a virgin, and I don't mind pushing you just a bit, I don't mind cuddling either". He whispered, she could feel his warm breath on her neck.
 She smiled and shook her head. "You know what Ben, as enticing an offer that is, I am not in a position to start up any kind of relationship right now".
 "Well I can live with that". He smirked at her, as she got up and she turned towards him and the other.
 She looked at Tom and Chris. "Well boys, goodnight and be sure you behave, we don't want any trouble, and Ben ?" 
 "Yeah ?" He looked at her with those enchanting eyes and she winked at him. "Don't behave".
 The she turned and went upstairs to go to her room, but right when she reached the door she felt something snake around her waist, she looked down and saw what looked like a golden rope around her.
 "See that is the wrong room love, my room is here". Ben said with a sly smile and made a motion with his hand, and instantly she was pulled into his arms.
 She looked up at him, well she had decided she could use a little distraction, as long as he knew it was all it was, she had a feeling this could be quite pleasurable and fun.
 Then his lips was on hers, kissing her deeply and her hands was on his neck, holding onto him, kissing him back.
 He pushed open the door and pullede her with him into the room, as soon as the door was closed, he was kissing her again and pulling of her blouse and undershirt in one motion.
 His eyes ran over her, then his hands found her breast, kneading them first softly, but as she started to moan a little more pressure was added.
 She was unbuttoning his shirt, she was no virgin, he had been right about that, not that she was very experienced, but she had had a couple of lovers in her life and she enjoyed sex.
 He pushed her back on the bed, and grabbed her pants, pulling them of, his tongue running over his lips. "I got to say it darling, you are only more stunning naked".
 She slided further up on the bed, as he crawled up to her, he grabbed her ankles, spreding her legs, settling himself between them. "You know I have travelled a lot and picked up some things here and there".
 "Oh I bet you have, what about showing me instead of just talking about it ?" She looked at him and the corner of his perfectly drawn mouth slid up in a lopsided grin.
 Then sig mouth was on her thight, kissing her warm skin making her gasp slightly, he moved further and further op, until he was kissing her warm folds, then his fingers run over her, opening her folds like a rare flower, letting his tongue explore deeper.
 Oh lord he definitely knew what he was doing, and she was squirming under him, but his free hand just grapped her hip, holding her in place, while licking and kissing her over and over.
 Suddenly he thrusted two fingers into her, and she gasped, he lokked up at her with a teasing grin and the she felt something she never felt before, almost like a very light tingling inside her, getting more pronounced as he started to move his fingers.
 "Oh God Ben what are you doing, fuck". She threw her head back moaning and thrashing, there were no doubt he was letting a small current of magic run through his fingers.
 He kept moving his fingers and put his mouth on her clitoris, humming lowly with that deep voice, sending the vibrations through her, and it was just to much, making her buck her hips and scream his name in ecstasy.
 Then he was hovering over her and she reached down to open his pants, pulling them of him, when he had kicked them all of she reached down and grabbed his manhood, gasping slightly, oh he was most definitely not lacking anything.
 "Take me Ben, I want you". She moaned and he happily complied, thrusting into her, setting a high pace, her hands in his hair and her legs folding up around him.
 Every roll of his hips, snapping down on the, sends sparks through her body, making her gasp and moan in pleasure.
 Her hands was scratching over his back and he was kissing and biting down her neck, as his thrusts started to get a bit erratic, and she knew he was close and so was she.
 "Come on baby, let me hear you scream my name again". He was practacally moaning out the words and she totally lost control, chanting his name as she cums again, pulling him with her this time.
 He rolls down beside her, pulling her into,him and she lets him, to tired to get to her own room right now, she falls asleep snuggled into his chest.

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