The tree of magic

This is a fanficktion With Tom Hiddleston, Chris Hemsworth, Zachary Levi and Benedict Cumberbatch, but the story is set in a fantasy World .. This is my first try at something like this so be Nice ;)
I imagine Them looking like on the cover..

The country Armagh has lost nearly all its Magic after a great War and the land is slowly whitering, the princess gathers a group of People who still posesses Magic, People cast out of a society that fears them..
One member carries a great secret With him. Can they save the land from the gathering darkness ? And Can They save themself


18. Hero of the day and trust

 "Wow that is so cool, sorry I think, I am going to take a nap now". Zac said, his eyes rolling back, Gaia managed to catch him, his head in her lap.
 They all looked at him, Gaia stroking his hair, the she looked up. "He is okay, just very very exhausted".
 Talia ordered that Zachary was to be carried to his bunk and Gaia followed close beside him.
 She looked around this might be easier than feared, Zachary didn't seem to judge Tom and neither did Gaia, Ben of course already knew, so only Chris left and the soldiers.
 "I know this might scare some of you, but I assure you, Tom is on our side and he is not dangerous, I expect everyone to treat him with respect and an open mind". She said.
 The soldier started piling the corpses up to burn them and she went over to Ben, Tom following her. "Are you okay Ben ?"
 "Yeah I am fine, a bit tired, but nothing bad, but I owe Zac my life, hadn't he thrown himself in front of me I would have been done for". He shakes his head slowly.
 Talia is a bit overwhelmed, she had trusted Zacary and believed that he was more than he let on, but she had never expected this. "What happened Ben ? Did he really try to take on the corpses on his own ?"
 "Yup, when I came he was ready to fight them all alone only whit his knifes, not even thinking about using his powers, he is either very brave or very stupid". Ben answered.
 Talia was wondering how he had even ended up on the wrong side of the law, but maybe he had never been given a real choice. "And the shield, were did that come from ?"
 "Apparently the need triggered it, the necromancer was about to finish me of, but Zac threw himself in front of me and when he held up his hands it just happened". Ben said sounding impressed.
 So master Adler had been right, there was untabbed powers there, and she wondered if he had even more possibilities hiding. "Do you think it will be usable in battle ?"
 "Oh very much, that was a damn impressive shield, it was very strong, the necromancer threw some serious stuff at it but it held, I am not sure I could have made that strong a shield". He looked at Tom.
 Tom nodded and looked at Talia. "It was a strong shield, if he can control it, it will be a great asset, and I don't think that is his only latent power".
 "Who knew the thief was harbouring the heart of a true hero". She said smiling and walked back toward camp, both Ben and Tom following her.

 He feels a warmth spread throug his body and slowly open his eyes, the first thing he sees is Gaia, she is sitting beside his bunk, her hand resting on his forehead.
 "Oh hi Zac, are you feeling okay ?" Her grey eyes looking at him filled with concern.
 He breathes in deeply, trying to wrap his mind about the whole evening and what had happened. "I am okay, did you heal me ?"
 "Yeah, you were so exhausted, you would probably have slept for days if I hadn't". She said, then she blushed slightly. "I heard what you did, you were very brave and you saved Ben".
 He didn't know what to say, he had just done what felt right, what he thought most people would do. "Oh it was nothing special, I didn't really think, I just acted".
 "Zac it was, you are a real hero, everyone is really impressed with you". She said, her hand finding his, squeezing it gently.
 He slowly sat up, taking a deep breath. "Well I don't really care about being a hero, or to much about what other thinks, I care about what you think and I think we got interrupted in something".
 She blushed and send him a shy smile, and he gently cupped her face, pulling her close to him, kissing her again.
 He enjoyed the feeling of her soft lips on his and the way she kind of melted into him, he had to admit this felt so very different from every other time he had kissed a woman.

 As he walked back into camp he saw that Zachary had awaken again, Gaia had probably healed his fatigue and it seemed like those two was finally owning up to their feelings, as they were quite in their own little world kissing quite sweet and innocently, he was happy for them.
 He wasn't angry with Zachary for giving his secret away, it would have come out soon anyways, and Zachary had clearly not meant it in a bad way, he had just been very surprised.
 Christ had seemed a bit taken back with the news, but he didn't says anything and some of the soldiers eyed him a bit, seeming nervous, but until now no one had said anything.
 He had been seen as different and dangerous his whole life, he was used to beeing mistrusted and that was why he hid what he was, some places it could even bring him in grave danger if people knew.
 This was, beside his friendship with Ben, the first time in his life he had felt trusted by people.

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