The tree of magic

This is a fanficktion With Tom Hiddleston, Chris Hemsworth, Zachary Levi and Benedict Cumberbatch, but the story is set in a fantasy World .. This is my first try at something like this so be Nice ;)
I imagine Them looking like on the cover..

The country Armagh has lost nearly all its Magic after a great War and the land is slowly whitering, the princess gathers a group of People who still posesses Magic, People cast out of a society that fears them..
One member carries a great secret With him. Can they save the land from the gathering darkness ? And Can They save themself


27. Bad moods and more zombies

 "Keep your damn eyes of her, she belongs to me". Zachary is getting in Chris face, apparently he looked at Gaia in a wrong way when she got of her horse for their lunch break.
 He is much more affected than Tom had thought he would be and he feels he has done nothing else but trying to stop Zachary from getting in fights all day.
 He had been in both Ben and Chris's face several times and Tom needed to ask the soldiers to stay clear of him, because he kept trying to pick fights.
On top of that he has been coming with very sexual and chauvinistic commends to both Gaia and Talia, often making himself blush and apologise when he realised what he has said.
 Tom hurries over there, he has told them all to ignore Zacharys outbursts, he can't control it, but he can see that Chris is starting to get annoyed at him.
 "You don't own her Zac, but wasn't looking at her at all". Chris says in an annoyed voice.
 Zachary is snarling at him, his hand at his belt, but Tom has confiscated those wicked knifes he normally carries, it it simply to dangerous. "So my woman is not good enough for you to look at ?"
 "Zac stop, Chris ignore him". Tom is putting himself between them, for some reason Zachary doesn't seem interested in picking a fight with him, which is quite a help.
 Chris huffs annoyed and pulls his horse with him. "Maybe a good ass kicking is what he need to get his head back straight".
 "Well Chris honestly I wouldn't try, it can interfere with his powers to and you wouldn't know what he was capable of". Tom say with a smirk, and pushes Zachary in the other direction.

 She curses as she sees Zachary coming over, he have been impossible all day, wanting to fight with everyone he feels get in his way and making quite rude suggestions not only to her but also to Talia.
 He slumbed down and looked up at her. "Well don't stand there looking dumb woman, bring me some food".
 A part of her wanted to tell him to go get his own damn food, but it was better not to anger him, so she just go get him some food, handing it to him.
 She is not really eating herself, this has her all to stressed out and even though Tom keeps telling her that it is only a couple of days, she fears that he might be like this forever.
 When he is done eating, he grabs her pulling her into him, kissing her a bit rough. "Why do I feel you try to ignore me ?"
 "I am not Zac, but we have been riding, I have been talking to Talia, not ignoring you". She smiled at him, wanting to keep him in a good mood.
 He snorted his eyes had a weird red tinge to them, and his hands started groping her rather hard. "Well what about you give me what I want then, be a good little girl and spread those legs".
 "Please Zac, you are scaring me". She started crying and he seemed to snap out of some haze, pulling her into him, kissing her hair softly. 
 "Oh God Gaia, I am so sorry, you better stay away from me, I am not safe to be around". She looked at him, he had tears in his eyes and she wiped them away.
She gave him a quick kiss and got up. "I think you are right Zac, I know this is not you, but it is just to dangerous".

 It is evening and he has gone into the forest to be alone, he hates this, hate that he can't control himself, that urges he don't want to have has taken over his mind.
 He really hope this will change soon, if not it would have been better if Tom had left him dead, he keeps hurting Gaia and even scaring her, and that is the last thing he want.
 Of course he wants her, that is his own feeling, but the orcs essence makes him want to ravage her, to force himself upon her, even hurt her and it makes him feel sick inside, makes him want to scream.
 He sits with his face in his hands when he hears something, something is coming through the forest, and he jumps up, quickly scanning the trees, seeing them, oh great more fucking zombies and he is all alone.
 He can't help wondering if those damn things are somehow attracted to him, since they seem to show up when he is alone, his hands goes to his belt, then thinking, well fuck me, Tom took my knifes, I am not only alone I am unarmed and my powers are not under control.
 As the zombies emerge, he counts them, 27 all in all, well that can't be very good odds, he decides to call out, hoping that at least Tom might be able to hear him.
 He is not even thinking of running, but braces himself, hoping that some of his powers will be accessable, but when the first Zombie closes in it is like a red mist clouds his eyes and an unspeakable ager surges through him.

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