Joystick of life

Uhm, I didnt really have a visionen on how I wanted this to turn out. I just got the idea for the titel, when I was sitting doing my homework, and then I just started writing what came to mind.
The endning is not the bets ending in the world, it´s kinda just there, I just couldn´t have that it ended on a sad note, so I wanted it to be somehow positive.
But I hope that you will take your time and read it- it isen´t that long, so its quickly done- and please leave a comment with some feedback, whatever it is :-)
I hope you´re having a good day


1. Joystick of life

You´ve got the joystick to control your life, but what if it´s out of batteries


At birth, you´re handed the joystick to control your life, and as life goes on you become more familiar with it and knows how to use it.

When you’re a baby, and is starting to learn how to talk, every sound you make to say a real word is a total mess at first, and all there really come out of your mouth is weird notices, but you keep trying and before you know it you´ve learned how to talk.

It’s the same when you start learning how to walk, in the beginning you keep falling, but sooner you learn how to communicate with your ability to keep steady and you learn how to stand still, and then walk.

Everything small thing take time to learn as a baby, but you get around to it all, you´re finally in control of your joystick of life.

It´s all going well and maybe, or well hopefully, it will stay that way forever, you´re in control of the things you do, say, and think. You´re in control of life.

But maybe that’s not how you feel, maybe you´ve felt like you could do it all, but then slowly you´ve become less and less aware of how to control your life, as if your joystick of life is running out of batteries.

When you hit high school and the homework is really kicking in, you might get the feeling that you just can´t get yourself to study hard for the next big test or writing notes for every subject to every homework.

You´re getting stress over small things, because all combined, there is a lot of pressure on you, you´re expected to do good in everything, you know that all you do now counts. It´s important that you do well.

Maybe you´re good in situations like these, and know how to handle it, but maybe you aren’t and you feel like all your energy and lust for working hard is gone, and even though you want to do good, there is just something that feels of, and you find it really hard to focus, your batteries are completely out of power, and you beat yourself up on the inside, keep telling yourself that its important, you just can´t seem to concentrate. But don´t just accept that.  Don’t accept that you´re out of batteries. You can get the control back.


What is important now is that you learn how to charge your batteries and get control again, and it might be hard, it will most likely take time, but you need to get the control back.

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