Graduation gives freedom, but too much freedom can be toxic. Ashley decides to run out of her house due to her neglectful parents abandoning her. When she discovers a home away from home, she realizes she's not alone.


9. chapter 8

Chapter eight

"Hey sleepy head" I softly heard as I felt a hand gently caress my back. I wasn't planning on falling asleep in Niall's bed while he was gone, but it was just so comfortable. It was almost like my body sunk right into place.

The silk sheets tossed as I turned to see Niall's pretty ocean eyes look into mine. The smile upon his lips soon turned into a pucker once I locked my lips with his.

Something about Niall made me think of what it was like to fall in love. What it was like to feel butterflies in your stomach every time you saw the love of your life. What it was like to never want to lose them.

I pressed my lips against his with more pressure and tugged on the neck of his white t shirt, but felt Niall pull away.

"Are you okay?" I asked feeling guilty for kissing him so soon. He nodded and suddenly grew a smile. "Go on a date with me"

"Of course" I smiled.

I've never been on a real date. The closest thing to a date that I've been on with a guy is a hookup in a truck.

"You have one hour to get all pretty for me" he winked and placed a kiss on my cheek. He left the room and closed the door. On the doorknob, a little black dress hung. Attached to the hanger, read a note from Niall.

Wear this dress for our first date xox Niall

Aside the dress was a pair of black wedged heels. I smiled to the thought of going on my first real date with someone who actually cared, and liked me for me.

After slipping on the dress and heels, I looked into the mirror. I felt genuine happiness and excitement for what Niall and I had to come.

8:00 p.m.

I added a few extra touches to my makeup, and left the restroom as I felt successful with my mascara and red lipgloss. Across the hall, was Niall in a formal button up and dark jeans. His golden strands of hair overlapped one another to one side.

"Wow" escaped his lips as I walked towards him. "Wow to you too" I giggled and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. He guided me to the car and opened the passengers seat before I had the chance to. "Thank you"

"Anything for a princess" he winked and closed the door once I got in.

It had gotten dark early, and the sunset was nothing like I had ever seen. Warm tones were painted onto the sky, and reflected onto my eyes. I knew tonight was going too be perfect.

"Close your eyes" he whispered with excitement. I quickly took my hands and placed them over my eyes to keep myself from peeking.

After about a minute had gone by, he gave me the 'okay' to open them. Fairy lights were strung around a cute little tree, and a blanket was spread over the healthy grass. Niall then pulled out a picnic basket from the backseat.

"What do you think?" He asked with a smile and pointing at the basket.

"This is so sweet, thank you." I said giving him a kiss on his cheek.

Never would I ever have thought someone would put such time in trying to make a night so perfect for me. I feel like I am in a movie.

Niall and I had sat down onto the flannel blanket, and he set everything from inside the basket in front of us.

"Did you make all of this?" I asked while observing the fresh salads, fruits, and pasta. He gave me a nod and filled my plate.

After dinner, we laid on our backs and remained at awe with the night time sky. "Do you ever think about what's beyond the stars?" He asked, opening up his arms to the sky.

"Anything you could ever imagine." I replied turning my head towards him. His head faced mine and his eyes traveled around my face, and eventually arrived at my lips. "You're everything I imagined."

His lips crashed onto mine and I put my hands around the back of his neck. The kiss deepened and he began sucking on my neck, getting lower reaching my cleavage. I let out a slight moan of pleasure and locked eyes with Niall.

He paused, breathing slightly heavy. "Do you want to?" He asked. I nodded and gave him a toothless smile.

He soon took protection out of his back pocket and placed it onto himself. I smiled and sat upright on top of him, giving him sloppy yet passionate kisses. A few moments passed and I lowered myself on top of him, lifting up my dress.

I moaned with every motion. "Mmm" I hummed as he grabbed my cleavage while I motioned myself upward and downward onto him. "You feel so good" he let out while I picked up the pace.

When he had finished, we both crashed onto the blanket.

All I wanted was to be in his arms forever.

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