Graduation gives freedom, but too much freedom can be toxic. Ashley decides to run out of her house due to her neglectful parents abandoning her. When she discovers a home away from home, she realizes she's not alone.


5. chapter 4

Chapter four

9:00 a.m

After breakfast things became quiet. Harry and Anna had left to 'get something token care of', and wouldn't be back for an hour or so. But I wasn't completely alone, next to me was Niall. He glanced at my red dress. "You have alcohol on your dress, you should get changed."

We both sat up from the countertop. "I didn't bring any clothes.." I said looking at my outfit. The only clothes I had I was wearing. I wore my favorite red velvet dress to the bar last night.

"Good thing there's another girl in the house. Follow me" he said leading me into his sister's bedroom. He opened her wide closet doors and took out a white tank top and ripped jeans. It turns out Anna and I are the same size. "Thank you, Niall.." I said while taking the clothes into my hands.

"Anything for our guest. Now get dressed." He winked and closed the door behind him so I could change my clothing.

I left the bedroom, and overheard Niall having a conversation over the phone. He paced through the hallway, turning back around once he reached the end.

"Right now? Are you fu-"

"Why did you decide to do this now? I told you we weren't ready."

"You didn't try hard enough. Fine, I'll be there. Give me a few."

I cleared my throat so he would notice I was behind him. His phone call did scare me, and I'm worried for what could come next.

"I'm sorry I didn't know you were right there." He admitted in a calming tone. I know he felt bad that I had to hear that.

"It's okay, are you leaving?" I asked. He let out a sigh and nodded. I couldn't help but create a frown on my face. Niall was the best company I've had in a while, and I didn't want to stay here all by myself.

"Can I go with you?" I asked, surprising myself with my question. This could all be one big mistake, but it felt right. I was done being by myself. I was done being around emotionless people who only wanted to get drunk and have a good time with me. I want to be free, and make my own decisions.

"Okay, but you have to stay in the car. I mean it Ashley, you have to listen to me."

We walked to the driveway, and Niall opened the passengers side to his Range Rover for me to get in. I loved the 'new car' smell. As soon as the car turned on, he shushed me and made a call.

"Im on my way, I'll be there as fast as I can."

"He's what? Shit.." He pressed his foot upon the gas harder.

We reached our destination, in a quiet alley way, the concrete was cracked, and the buildings bordering the alley were old, abandoned, and slowly falling apart.

"No matter what, stay in this vehicle." He warned. Niall locked the doors, and reminded me he would be back.

Over and over again I checked my surroundings. I could no longer see Niall walking around the corner. Whatever it is that he's here to do, I hope he's back quick.

All of the sudden I heard multiple footsteps in the gravel on the other side of the alley. It was silent for a few seconds, but then I heard Niall speak.

"I came as fast as I could" he stated.

The unfamiliar voice was panting. "We had him, I swear. We had him." The male voice pleaded.

"Where the hell do you think he went?" Niall asked raising his voice.

I saw shadows of bodies heading towards the car. It was Niall and another young man.

Before Niall was close to the car an older man with dark brown eyes and a cut up face charged at the car. I gasped and witnessed the man about to elbow out the glass windows.

"Get the fuck away from her!" Niall screamed and punched the man right in the face. He went for another punch but the man kneed Niall right into the gut. The young man with Niall threw a few punches, giving the old man a bloody nose. After the fight had ended, the man was down. Niall sprouted up with bloody gums, and a busted lip.

"We need to get out of here, now!" Niall shouted hopping into the car. The other young man followed and jumped into the back seat.

"What the fuck was that?" I yelled. I was completely shocked. We passed the man, now losing his life.

"I'll explain later but right now we need to go home." He stated and slammed on the gas.

As soon as we pulled into the drive of the house we ran inside. Niall was gasping for air, he had the wind token out of him. The other young man was panting, putting his hands on his knees.

Harry darted into the room and noticed Niall's beaten up body and bloody face.

"Are you trying to get yourself killed?" He screamed. Niall didn't speak, he just shook his head.

He turned his head to me, and noticed I was shocked.

"Why the hell did you bring her? She might not have made it without a scratch!" Harry shouted, furious with Niall.

"She wanted to come, I'm sorry Harry. She wasn't hurt, I'm sorry!" Niall begged for forgiveness.

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