Graduation gives freedom, but too much freedom can be toxic. Ashley decides to run out of her house due to her neglectful parents abandoning her. When she discovers a home away from home, she realizes she's not alone.


2. Chapter 1

Chapter One

"You're worthless, Ashley."


My mother's words couldn't escape my mind, not ever. I tried to be a good person until there was no point in trying. My mother, the "slut"; my father, the "drunk". Somehow I became both of those things since my junior year. I heard my footsteps collide into tiny puddles of water while I was stumbling through the city. Even though my vision has become slightly blurry, I can't help but wish I took more liquor. I need to forget about my parents, and forget about my past. I'm free now, and I'm free for good.

- "Dad you're drunk, again.". My father was wasted in his truck while he was sloppily parked in the drive. As I tried to help his head up, he looked at me with blood shot eyes. "What the fuck, where's your mother?" he slurred out of his mouth. The car was filled with fumes of alcohol and other substances. "She's in the-" I was cut off to my mother bursting out of the door wearing her silk robe and handling her cigarette with grace.

"Leave your father alone, and get inside you have school tomorrow.". This is bullshit, complete bullshit. He is drunk once again and she's taking his side. I cannot wait to get out of this mess. "Mom, he's drunk. He could have gotten himself killed.". I became more and more angry as I seen her just ignore me, and neglect me. "You're worthless, Ashley.".-

The memories hit me and no matter how much alcohol consumed me they still replayed in my head over and over again. I kept walking, and suddenly I felt cold drops of water fall into my hair. The feeling of relief kicked in as I looked up to see a brick building in the middle of the woods, the middle of nowhere.

I had nothing to lose. While heading towards the house I searched if my surroundings were clear. As I noticed I was all alone, I slowly opened the front door. It was dark, but I suddenly felt fatigue take over my body, and I felt myself fall asleep on a soft cushion.



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