Twilight: A new chapter

Renesmee is forced to marry Jacob and the volturi wants to meet renesmee. Will there be a war.


9. Chapter 9 Returned?

Renesmee's pov: As I reached home I started heading up to my room until I heard a knock on the door. I opened the door and saw jake standing there speechless.

Jacob: Ness.. Ness..Ness..Nessie.

Renesmee: What jake?

Jacob: Whatever I said or what I did was out of control! It was like I was stuck in my thoughts but my outside actions were controlled. I yelled in my head thinking you could hear me.

Renesmee: Nice excuse.

Renesmee's pov: As I began to close the door jake forced himself inside while I see Elijah standing behind me.

Jake: Please believe me ness. Please.

Elijah: is he bothering you renesmee? I'll throw him outside myself!

Renesmee: Stop right there Elijah.

Jacob: You!

Renesmee's pov: As jake said that he tried to strangle Elijah's neck but couldn't since he was the vampire prince.

Jacob: You are the Vampire Prince! You compelled me!

Renesmee: How do you know who he is and compelled you?

Jacob: We know he is the cause of creating the blood suckers. If I kill him it would be a huge honor!

Renesmee: You are the reasons that vampires were created?!

Elijah: I am the first vampire created and Aro is the second.

Renesmee: Who compelled you jake?

Jacob: The only person who can is him.

Renesmee's pov: He looked at Elijah. Why would he compel jake? What would he do by accomplishing that?

Renesmee: What? Elijah?!

Elijah: I thought I would have you all by myself.

Renesmee: You are just sick! GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!!! FYI you can't compel me!

Elijah: Who said I was going to? I'm staying and as you being a half vampire! You have to obey me!

Renesmee: What if I don't?

Elijah: Then you will be punished!

Renesmee: What torture me until I die?

Elijah: Edward and Bella dies.

Renesmee: Huh... You wouldn't do that. You wouldn't hurt me like that!

Elijah: You don't know about my past do you?

Renesmee: Wait jake how did you get out of the compulsion?

Jake: He let me free.

Renesmee: Why?

Elijah: We don't want to be spoilers now do we? Tomorrow you shall know and Jacob you should stay here today.

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