Twilight: A new chapter

Renesmee is forced to marry Jacob and the volturi wants to meet renesmee. Will there be a war.


8. Chapter 8 Broken

Renesmee's pov: I ran with every ounce of strength I had to the deepest and darkest part of the forest and sat by the tree. My eyes begin to fill with water. Why? Jake was the one who didn't want me anymore. Than why?

Elijah's mind: I am sad for her but happy at the same time.

I can get into anyone's mind whenever I want to. I can even reject listening to their mind.

Renesmee: Uh you know I can get into your mind and listen to your thoughts.

Elijah: Renesmee I lied to you.

Renesmee: What that you are not a virgin?

Elijah: No, I am a virgin it's that Aro didn't sent me to watch over you.

Renesmee: What?!

Elijah: I am more powerful than Aro and I didn't want Aro to receive your gifts and use them against all vampires. See I am the prince.

Renesmee: Prince?

Elijah: Prince of the vampire.

Renesmee: I don't have time for your none sense right now.

Elijah: I am not lying to you Nessie. I am the prince and that is why Aro has to obey me.

Renesmee: Okay.

Elijah: Uh no reaction.

Renesmee: Your majesty.

Elijah: You know I can compel people. It's called compulsion. It just doesn't work on you and your mother. I think her name is Isabella.

Renesmee: Bella just Bella.

Elijah: Well you don't have to worry about telling your family members about this and Jacob too.

Renesmee: Why?

Elijah: I told them already.

Renesmee's pov: I cannot believe how a prince can be so selfish and ignorant.

Elijah: I can get into people's mind too just like you and father.

Renesmee: I have a shield how did you read my mind.

Elijah: I found that shields work for only work for regular vampire.

Renesmee: But you said you can't compel me and my mom.

Elijah: Well I found out that was because it was a 24hr power lost.

Renesmee: Ha Ha Ha that is pretty funny.

Elijah: Stop being sarcastic. I lost most of my power in a day that is why I couldn't get into your minds and couldn't compel you.

Renesmee: What other gifts do you have?

Elijah: I have every other gifts except looking into futures like Alice and a shield like you and Bella.

Renesmee: That's why Aro has no one like her.

Elijah: It is an extremely a rare gift.

Renesmee's pov: it began to rain. The forest looked more beautiful than ever than I have seen. The beauty of every raindrops dripping from clouds and it's crystal beauty hanging on every tree.

Elijah: Let's get you back home, shall we?

Renesmee: It's not like I'm going to get sick.

Elijah: But you are cold. Let's head back.

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