Twilight: A new chapter

Renesmee is forced to marry Jacob and the volturi wants to meet renesmee. Will there be a war.


7. Chapter 7 Another Feeling?

Renesmee's pov: Last night.... Oh My God I kissed Elijah thinking it was jake but that felt amazing.

Elijah: Good morning.

Renesmee: What's so good about this morning?

Elijah: Do you want me to answer that.

Is he smirking?

Renesmee: Let's just forget what happened last night and keep it to ourselves.

Elijah: You want me to forget?

Renesmee: Yes.

Elijah: I can't forget that absolutely wonderful kiss that we had.

Renesmee: Elijah....

Elijah: I know we only know each other for 4 days but we both know you feel something for me and I feel something for you. You feel something for jake too but at the same time you feel something for me.

Renesmee: I don't know what to say now. I don't know what to feel. Sorry Elijah.

Elijah's pov: With that she left her room and headed to convince jake to get back together. I followed her and heard their conversation.

Jacob: What do you want?

Renesmee: US.

Jacob: I tried so hard to keep our bond together.

Renesmee: I didn't realize I loved you.

Jacob: Well it's too late.

Renesmee: Jake please don't leave me.

Renesmee's pov: I saw Elijah spying one us and so did jake. What the hell is he thinking?

Jacob: What is your boyfriend doing here?

Elijah: I made my way over here to make sure you don't harm her in anyway.

Jacob: I still love her and I will continue loving her I will never think of harming her.

Elijah: You don't have to worry about her anymore since we might be together in future.

Renesmee: Elijah don't.

Jacob: What?

Elijah: Oh you don't know? Renesmee didn't you tell Jacob here about our remarkable kiss. Wait he isn't suppose to know? That was my mistake I admit.

Jacob: Is this true Nessie?

Renesmee: yes but it's not the whole truth.

Jacob: I don't need to know more, I thought you were missing me and you needed me but looks like you got it covered.

Renesmee: No you don't get to walk away jake because it's my turn to get mad and it's my turn to throw things around and and and it's my turn to fix things up. Look jake I messed up and I need to explain. I kissed Elijah because I was drunk and I thought Elijah was you and he kissed me and me thinking it was you. It's not really my fault it's no one's and and I want you to know yes I have feelings for Elijah but I I, I love you and want to spent eternity with you and only you. But you don't want to understand me and my feelings and my emotions running around and....

Elijah: You know you talk a lot.

Jacob: Shut up.

Renesmee: And.

Jacob: No Nessie you shut up.

Renesmee: Excuse me? I'm trying to express my feelings and this is how you treat me?

Jacob: Sorry if I hurt your delicate feelings. Now LEAVE!

Renesmee: Okay then I guess it's actually over.

Elijah: Well that was a interesting conversation.

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