Twilight: A new chapter

Renesmee is forced to marry Jacob and the volturi wants to meet renesmee. Will there be a war.


2. Chapter 2 I do

Renesmee's point of view: I can't believe it's my wedding! I am marrying someone I don't love.

Renesmee: Don't let me fall dad.

Edward: Never have and never will.

I walked and saw Jacob, he was standing wearing a black suit.

Jacob's point of view: There she was in her mothers wedding dress. She looks so beautiful but I noticed her eyes were watering. I feel guilty for forcing her to marry me.

Later on...

Priest: You may now kiss your bride.

Renesmee was hesitating and looked at me and kissed me gently.

Jacob: I love you.

Rensesmee: I don't.

Carslie gave us a honeymoon trip to Isle Esmee.

Rensesmee's point of view: I laid down on the bed and Jacob came and sat next to me, he kept staring at me.

Renesmee: W-what?

Jacob's kept coming close to me and kissed me passionately and he started to take my dress off but I stopped him.

Renesmee: Sorry I agreed to marry you but this is not what I agreed to do.

Jacob: Fine!

He left really mad! Later on...

He grabbed my hand and pulled me outside and told me to sleep there and he went back inside. I started to cry but he came back and dragged me back in the bedroom again. I am confused.

Jacob: I am sorry Nessie

Renesmee: it's okay jake

Next morning Carslie called us and told us that Aro wanted to meet me just to know that I am not a threat to their kind.

Jacob: I thought we sorted this the last time with the volturi!

Renesmee: I think Alice saw this coming.

Jacob: So you think we should call Alice and ask her.

Renesmee: That's the plan.

I called Alice, she said that he isn't planning to attack because he knew if we had a war he had to die by my mother's hands.

Jacob: I will gather the pack!

Renesmee: NO! They will think that we are going to attack them. If they find out we have been communicating with werewolves and I married one we all are dead!

Jacob: He knows we are married and that I imprinted on you.

Renesmee: What?!

Jacob: he accepted the werewolves around you.

Renesmee: Seriously he allowed dogs to be around me! I mean wolves.

Jacob: Not happy to be around those bloodsuckers.

Renesmee: Okay....

Jacob: I know you don't want to be around me!

Renesmee: Duh...

Jacob: I'm better than bloodsuckers.

Renesmee: Excuse me...what did you just say?

Jacob: Nothing....

Renesmee: I thought so.

Jacob: So the volturi are coming?

Renesmee: They just want to know that I'm not a threat to their kind.

Jacob: I just don't want to see you getting hurt Nessie

Renesmee: I know, so when do we leave?

Jacob: Maybe around 12 days or so.

Renesmee's pov: Okay the volturi is going to see I'm not a danger. 2 days later Jacob took me to the beach it was warm and I decided to go swimming.

Renesmee: Jake I'm going for a swim.

Jacob: I'm coming with you.

Renesmee: I really don't care what you do.

Jacob: You don't care even if I die.

Renesmee: You are my best friend I would care about at least that much.

Jacob: You look hot in that swimsuit.

Renesmee: Eww....if you had ever said that in my childhood..

Jacob: Ha Ha Ha....

Renesmee: You might have thought the same about my mother.


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