Twilight: A new chapter

Renesmee is forced to marry Jacob and the volturi wants to meet renesmee. Will there be a war.


10. Chapter 10 The Past

Renesmee's pov: I woke up next to Jacob as he was staring at me until Elijah broke the moment.

Elijah: Today you will know everything about me. Get ready and come downstairs. Your Mother and Father are downstairs waiting for you.

Renesmee: What? They are here. Why?

Jacob: They need to know.

Renesmee: This will bring them into danger!

Elijah: Ness come downstairs. NOW.

Renesmee's pov: As he said that it sent a cold shiver down my spine. What secrets does he have I really need to know. As I walked downstairs I saw my dad and my mom bowing to Elijah and addressing him as Prince but why?

Elijah: Listen to me carefully.


There was a witch name Arrisa who I pretended to be in love with as I was a witch myself as you people call warlocks. I needed Arrisa to create a immortality spell with me. I wanted to be powerful. On the day of our wedding as she had created the spell of immortality because of her unimaginable power inherited from her ancestors. I betrayed her and drank the immortality spell myself. She cursed me with the blood cravings "you will need blood to survive, blood is what you see. You hate bloodshed, let us see how you handle yourself." with that she left. I went to Aro who was my best friend we were closer than brothers. I told him everything and he was scared of me. I bit him accidentally but I pulled away. He was a vampire and he hated me because I turned him into a monster. He went and destroyed villages and created more vampires. He created laws and which he thought he was the master but the vampires obeyed me more than Aro because I'm the reason for their survival. Aro wanted to be more powerful than me. The werewolves grew angrier of vampires as we began drinking more human blood. and killing innocent humans. They vowed to protect humans from vampires. Another witch name Arabella. Arrisa's sister. She hated me for betraying her sister so she made another curse that a werewolf will be born with the same strength as me and eternity laying ahead. That werewolf is created to compete against the vampire prince. That werewolf is going to be the werewolf prince. We are going to lead our vampires and they are going to lead the werewolves. That prince is Jacob.

Renesmee: WHAT?!

Jacob? Huh?

Elijah: Yes that's another reason why I came here. To make peace with you and here to protect nessie's gifts from Aro.

Renesmee: This is to much to take. I'm going for a walk.

Bella: Renesmee....

Edward: Bella, let her.

Jacob: I don't know what to say. I'm just going to tell my pack about this. Okay.

Elijah: They have a right to know.

Renesmee: Well I'm just going to leave.

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