Twilight: A new chapter

Renesmee is forced to marry Jacob and the volturi wants to meet renesmee. Will there be a war.


1. Chapter 1 Forced to say yes.

Renesmee's point of view:

I loved my mom, dad and Jacob. Jacob has been always been there since I was born, I also know that he loved my mom and tried to snatch my mom away from my dad. I know he imprinted on me but that is why I stay away from him.

Jacob: Renesmee I love you! Why are you doing this to me?!

Renesmee: I don't love you the way you do and I don't think I will ever be able to love you.

Jacob: You are just like your mother if your dad had never came to forks, I would've been with your mother!

Renesmee: I am sorry Jacob, I think you should let me go.

Jacob: No! I won't! You are going to be with me whether you like it or not!

Renesmee: W-what, Jacob you don't mean that, you are just mad at me right now. Calm down.

Jacob: you are coming with me whether you like it or not because I am not getting my heartbreak again by my first love's daughter!

Renesmee's point of view: I fell on the warm sand, I kept going backwards because he kept pushing me forward. I tried to run away but he caught me and threw me on his shoulder.

Renesmee: let me go you dog!

Jacob: Okay so I'm a dog! Do you know that you are a half blood sucking demon!

Renesmee point of view:

He was right, I am a demon but it isn't my fault I was born like this! My eyes started to cry with tears.

Jacob: I'm sorry renesmee but it's all your fault you made me say that!

Renesmee: Don't be dog!

Jacob: You are getting on my last nerve Nessie!

Renesmee: I hate you jake, I mean dog!

Renesmee's point of view:

I don't actually hate him, I just can't. I bet no one can except for vampires. I also think that my dad is mad at Jacob for imprinting on me.

Renesmee: Please Jacob, put me down!

Jacob: Only if you agree to marry me and be with me forever or else I will have to force you!

Renesmee: My dad will kill you!

Jacob: Huh, your dad will kill me on my territory! He can't even enter my territory! My pack will kill him!

Rensemee: No! I will marry you just no harm should come to my family!

Jacob: Well you finally agreed!

Jacob's point of view: I feel bad forcing renesmee to marry me but she will fall in love with me after our marriage.

Renesmee's point of view: I ran back to my home and told my family about everything that happened with me, my mom was madder than my dad she looked she could rip Jacob's head off anytime!

Bella: I am going to rip that mutt's head off!

Edward: Calm down Bella, Jacob imprinted on her of course his reaction would be like that.

Carslie: He has gotten this place surrounded with wolves and if renesmee doesn't marry him, they attack us.

Renesmee: Grandpa Carslie, so there is only two options: either I have to marry him or attack them.

Carslie: I am afraid so.

Bella: We attack them!

Renesmee: Someone is going to die in this fight! My only option is to marry him.

Bella: No, you don't have to renesmee.

Renesmee point of view: I feel someone watching us, I saw Jacob by the window. My mom pulled him inside the house.

Bella: Stay away from renesmee!

Jacob: I am closer to her more than you can ever be! I am her mate!

Renesmee: I will marry you but no harm should come to my family!

Edward: Think about it renesmee, it means forever!

Renesmee: I thought about it and my decision is not going to change!

Jacob point of view: I actually feel bad but she didn't know that she had to marry me next week on Monday and today's Friday, as I told them about this. They started to prepare for our wedding.

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