''The lost generation''

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  • Published: 23 Oct 2016
  • Updated: 23 Oct 2016
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A young boy couldn't find the answers to so many questions on which his and the lives of the human race depend.


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I'm a part of a lost generation.....My generation is apathetic and lethargic. It's foolish to presume there is hope....... by Jonathan Reed It's awful to grow up. That's when problems start happening. Sometimes, a lot of people can't cope with complex life and decide and prefer to hide, to run from problems. Many prefer to die out of weakness and vulnerability. I was one of them. I was so weak and fearsome that I prefer to create in my mind more beautiful word, to made up a new existence for myself. But even there, I had nightmares. They never stopped coming. I felt lost and I was lost. My family was killed by them. My friends,too. Who are they you will ask? I am not quite sure. All I know is that they are not from here, the Earth. They have no names, only badges with''THE SUPERIOS'' on them. One of them kidnapped me. I don't know where I am now because I have blindfold on my eyes. Those who remained alive , mostly young boys and girls, were also thrown there where I am. We were all eyed-covered. Many panicked, girls were amazingly afraid. My head was in chaos. Where the hell are we? Are the Superiors gonna kill us? Or will they only torture us? Why they need young people for? Experiments? So many questions are blocking my head right now. I want to escape from my thoughts but I was trapped-inside and out. The new race of living things never spoke. Maybe they use telepathy for communication? Who knows. I felt more and more like a blind fly. Like an useless insect who soon may die. For nothing. There was no problem for us to talk to each other. The Superiors didn't know our language. The boy next to me told me he heard from someone that the Superiors are in every single country,killing and kidnapping young blood like us. I had no reason not to believe him. -I don't want to scare you, my friend, but I think we are the last generation-said I-Maybe we will be the last humans on this planet and no future generations will be there no more. The boy next to me didn't replied but started sobbing. Yes, even the thought of the last living generation was beyond scary. I myself didn't want to believe it but I felt that way and nothing could help me erase this doomed feeling. But this didn't mean I have given up everything. . . . The oxygen on Earth was scarce . We all bought bottles with air just like we bought our groceries. It wouldn't be enough for both people and the Superiors and I assume that it was the main reason for the death of more than the half of the mankind. I also think they can live without oxygen but for a little period of time and to secure their further existence on Earth, they needed us-the innocent young boys and girls. I prayed not to be right this time . . . Still in agony, the Superiors grabbed us and took us somewhere else. Through my blindfold I sensed a little light for a first time in many days. Maybe it was a day or maybe it was coming from some artificial source, I wasn't sure. I am not sure in anything since the Superiors abducted me. I couldn't stop feeling like a criminal on a death sentence who will be staying in font of his destiny very, very soon. Something seemed wrong. Then the girls started panicking and screaming. They were feeling something on their skin. Some laser touched them and it was painful. -No, please, let me go! I don't wanna die so young! Do you hear me, aliens?-said a girl from the back in an desperation attempt. I unexpectedly recognized that girl's voice. I thought Sheena, my girlfriend, was dead. -What are you doing with her, bastards?!-I yelled fiercely -Maxy!!!!-said Sheena- OMG,you're here! -I'll save you, Sheena! I'll save all of you!! I was sure the Superiors wanted something from us-our organs or our lungs only. They are on their limit to breathe loosely now and wanted our lungs. -We have to stop them, people, they want our lungs to continue to breathe, c'mon, they don't understand us, nowwwwwwwwwww..... I was so determine we could release ourselves from their grip. My hands were tied together but I began kicking with my legs and circling around. The chance to hit one of them was huge. I told the others to do the same but first we had to separate ourselves in a distance. Maybe it was our death sentence but if stay and do nothing,we will die anyway. We had nothing to lose. We have reason to fight. Not just for us, but for our families we'll never see again, for our generation,too. . . . The fight was unequal. The Superiors were more advanced than us. They managed to kill everybody but me. Only me. Sheena awaits me in heaven now. I escaped them. My rebel spirit survived. But for what? I want to grief. I want to say last goodbye to my beloved people but I knew there is no time for that. Now the lungs of Sheena will continue to breathe the air but in the corpse of a non-human. And who knows , maybe one day this alien with Sheena's lungs will find me and kill me but for now I am alive and will try to preserve the last generation. I will run, I will travel, I will hide but I will never give up the human race. Too many people have lost their lives for I to remain the last living human being who survived from the Superiors and I will not let them down. May you all my brothers,sisters, family,friends and loved ones,rest in peace.
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