"She was the superhero to my movie" // Bo Erwin has a strange mind, Magenta is even stranger - together they rock a comic book world, until reality kills the main character. A story about endings.


3. CHAPTER TWO | An alien apocalypse is unlikely


Creek Malt High Canteen was huge, five hundred students could probably fit in. It was fine, except we were only two hundred and fifty people, including staff, at the whole school. So you always felt small when you entered the room, but maybe it was caused by the ten feet high ceiling above us. Anyway, it wasn’t a nice feeling, and you just couldn’t slip through unnoticed.

I guess it would have been nice to stay off everyone’s radar, but I wasn’t that lucky. Cam Todd, the second next popular kid at Creek Malt, could have been a good friend of mine. We both hated Mary Grayson, but that’s about it we had in common. On the other hand, he liked being a jerk, just like Mary, so it was for the best or friendship hadn’t been more than an exchange of Batman capes in second grade.

“Bo, I heard you lit up Lucius class, “ how could he already know this, we had just got our break. (And maybe a tiny part of me had hoped people actually believed Frankie was the sinner) “Come on, tell us what you said? “

I swallowed, like a ton of spat that almost choke me. To ignore Cam Todd wasn’t a good idea, but answering wasn’t an option. Knock the smug smile of his face, a punch at his jawline will do it. Super Evil Me was interfering in my life again. Alter egos are for supervillains, and honestly, I wanted to be the hero. Not a chance.

My fists did feel itchy, I really wanted to punch him.

“Life as we know it, will probably end with an alien invasion, “ I wasn’t the only one caught off guard by that statement. Cam’s face got a weird expression, like the mixture of a frown and a dropping jaw.

Frankie was beside me, like a purple flame ready to explode. She really seemed like a fire, her eyes not chestnut colored anymore, but sort of red. She cocked her head slowly, like a beast ready to bite, as she waited for Cam to respond.

“What? “ he finally asked, causing someone to laugh. Oh no – I glanced at Frankie. Did she know how much trouble she was in? Nobody made a foul of the two-sided demon Cam Todd. He had wings like an angel and horns like the devil. And he did seem ready to suck out her soul at the moment.

“You know, the principal, he’s an alien right? One of those greenish bubbleheads that’s gonna bore us to death. So life as we know it will end with an alien invasion, when suckers like you get back into society and realize they are too late, “ I had no idea what she was saying, but it was probably offensive. Cam seemed just as confused, but had come to the same conclusion as me. Offensive, definitely.

He didn’t seem able to deliver a comeback though. “Who asked for your opinion freak? “ not his best move, more laughter came from the surrounding table. Honestly, it did sound a bit thin opposite to Frankie’s whole speech about aliens.

“Definitely not you, “ was all Frankie answered with a shrug, like she really didn’t care. She moved across the room, leaving Cam with that stupid look on his face, the horns in his forehead and the weird expression made him look kind of funny. “What the hell are you looking at? “ Cam spat, and I hurried after Frankie, not sure why. It was a stupid idea, I did not need friends.

“Hurry up, you’re slowing my down Erwin. “

“It’s Bo actually, “ don’t know why I said that, I probably shouldn’t have, but I was way too surprised at the lack of stuttering, than to apologize.

“Okay Bo, “ she laughed, waving me with her. She took large steps and left the canteen behind quicker than possible. Her moments became a blur to my eyes. She seemed like a flash or something, really elegant but super-fast. I liked her way of moving, as if she had to catch a bus but at the same time wanted to be late.

“I do believe in Aliens, “ she said as we left the canteen, and entered the school ground outside of the gym. “But the world will end in a zombie apocalypse. And why is that? “ she didn’t even seem like she talked to me.  “Because zombie, is the definition of a slow, brain-craving monster, you know, like humans. “

I nodded though I had no idea what she meant, but it seemed cool, in a not-wanting-the-destruction-of-the-world-kind-of-way. We could totally burn down the world.

“So what you say Bo? “ I shook like a frightened rabbit, but she didn’t laugh this time. She got a gentle expression in her red eyes, and when she cocked her head this time, the purple fire softly lit her pink hair with a smile. “I’m not gonna mock, just tell me how you think the world would end? “

It was an odd question, but somehow I just came up with an answer at the spot. “You know that poem with Robert Frost? About Fire and Ice? “ I asked and she nodded. “I think the world will end in ice. Humanity destroys itself with their frostlike thoughts and cold apathy. “

Not as cool as a zombie apocalypse, but I had always thought about the dark and icy world as our end. We really didn’t care about anything but ourselves anymore.

“Interesting theory, “ Frankie wet her lips as we crossed the football field. I hadn’t noticed we’d almost left the school plot, but I didn’t want to turn back. I felt comfortable with Frankie. She can help us burn everything.

“Stop that, “ I got surprised by Frankie’s words, they almost sounded hard.

 “Sorry, “ I mumbled and lowered my hand. Punching yourself, even a little gently, is weird, I know, but it was something I’d always done, punched the thoughts out of my head. And suddenly I felt like explaining Frankie.

“Hey, “ luckily someone stopped me before I made a complete foul out of myself. A teacher came running across the field, waving his hands out of breath. “You’re. Supposed. To. Be. In. School, “ he said between breaths. Thank God Mr. Cambic wasn’t our PE teacher.  

“Sorry, “ Frankie grabbed my hand, I got so surprised I pulled it out of her grip. She frowned, but kept smiling. “We were just heading back. “

I felt the blood rush to my cheeks, I wanted so badly to apologize for letting go of her hand, but Mr. Cambic didn’t give me a chance, and honestly I didn’t know what to say. Maybe she was pissed at me now.

“See you around Bo, “ she smiled as we parted outside of the gym. See you around? It had to mean she wanted to see me again, right? People say that stuff all the time. I suddenly felt like crying. 

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