"She was the superhero to my movie" // Bo Erwin has a strange mind, Magenta is even stranger - together they rock a comic book world, until reality kills the main character. A story about endings.


2. CHAPTER ONE | Pink justifies badass actions


She had pink stripes in her hair.

Maybe she just liked the reddish color or whatever, but it was already causing a lot of gossip around school. Everybody who were nobody in Creek Malt knew you shouldn’t draw attention to yourself.

“Class, we have a new student, “ my notebook seemed far more tempting for my eyes, than the humiliation of a the new girl. I hadn’t seen her for myself yet, but the Reapers had already started a loud whisper in the classroom. Mary Grayson, a brunette with cherry-lips and a selfish smile, the leader of Reapers, had a clingy voice to stick out from the rest. “I think Death Punk called, they want their clothes back. “

I wasn’t even sure a band called Death Punk existed, but Mary awoke my curiosity.

“My name is Frankie, “ an inappropriate chuckle scattered among the students, as Frankie did nothing more to introduce herself. I peeked from behind my book.

Frankie surely had pink stripes in her hair, but not just that. She wore a purple shirt over a black t-shirt with the words fuck off, and heavy leather boots that squinted plaintively as she crossed the room. But the most remarkable thing about this girl, she didn’t even seem affected by the others laughter. Instead she stopped beside Mary Grayson’s table and her reapers.

“Sweetheart, I bought this from Death Punk, “ Frankie said with a sugar voice covered in honey. Then she rolled her eyes and gave her the finger.

“Ms. Kane, “ Mrs. Lucius exclaimed, but Frankie had already dropped her butt in a seat – next to me. She didn’t look at me, so I returned to my notebook which I slowly, and hopefully unnoticed, covered with my sleeve. There was no reason for the new girl to think I was a freak too. “Well, if I can get on with my tuition, “ Mrs. Lucius scowled at Frankie, but it was nothing compared to Mary’s lightning eyes. She looked like a dragon ready to exhale fire. Too bad I couldn’t draw her like that, it would have fit her properly. But then again, the hooded devil with a scythe was a perfect image of her too, the one I created the first time I saw her. It wasn’t really her appearance that suggested the Reaper, it was more her evil behavior. She was the villain in my comic book.

“What’re you writing? “ I flinched, caught off guard as Frankie leaned closer to me. There was another rule, which everyone knew at Creek Malt. You did not speak to Bo Erwin.

“Eh, I just, you know, the black board, “ I pointed at Mrs. Lucius notes, like a total nerd. Better be a nerd though, than the crazy psycho like the rest of the school thought.

“Yeah silly, I can see you’re not paying attention, “ she laughed. “But hey, we all have a secrets. “

She winked, like literally winked at me. And stupid me smiled back. “Sorry, “ I mumbled and returned to the notebook. I really didn’t need to make friends. Keep telling yourself that. Oh shut the fuck up.

“Ms. Erwin, what did you just say? “ I froze, as my pencil suddenly seemed really heavy in my hand. Please say I didn’t just speak aloud.

According to my classmates looks, I totally did.

“I, I didn’t mean, “ and the perfect time for my stutter to return. High School really sucked.

“Sorry though, but I can’t really let Erwin take the credit for my interruption of your class, can I? “ my eyes met Frankie’s. She smiled, a smile all the way to her heavy chestnut eyes.

“Well, Ms. Kane, in that case, warning number two sends you to the office, “ Frankie got up without wiping off her smile, and marched out of class with the boots bumping upon the concrete floor. I swallowed a big amount of spat, this was not great. I mean yeah, she did save me from the principal’s office, but now she had an excuse to hate me too. Like I said, not great. 

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