"She was the superhero to my movie" // Bo Erwin has a strange mind, Magenta is even stranger - together they rock a comic book world, until reality kills the main character. A story about endings.


5. CHAPTER FOUR | I need a part for Frankie Kane


I still hadn’t found a place for Frankie Kane.

She was a mystery, a puzzle that didn’t fit in and it kind of annoyed me, like a lot. I couldn’t just have a character running around in the middle of everything, without actually taking her place in the plot. Of course, I didn’t even know if she a take her place in the story yet, who knew, maybe we would never see each other again. What a tragic thought, and now Super Evil Me was being sarcastic, great.

Anyway, I thought of a role for Frankie all the way to school. I was buried in my own thoughts, heavy as six tons of dirt, and I didn’t notice Mary Grayson outside of the classroom. The Reaper alert in my mind went of seconds too late, and Mary Grayson was already laughing as I stumbled to the ground. 

“Watch where you’re going, “ she spat, the dark shadow of a scythe around her claw like hands. Her nails were painted orange, a truly horrible color to her pale skin. Maybe I should get that in a drawing. “Hey freaky, are you listening? “ she flicked her finger before my face. I wasn’t listening, but I couldn’t tell her that, so I just nodded. Talk about tragic shit. I guess she meant me, S.E.M. – let’s just shorten Super Evil Me - she probably thought I should bite of the boney finger of Mary Grayson, but that wasn’t an option really.

“Then move your sorry ass from the doorway, “ I don’t know why Mary hated me. Maybe it was because of her seventh grade nightmare. She probably blamed me for that one, everyone dd. I couldn’t talk about the seventh grade nightmare, so I couldn’t tell her I was sorry, so I just moved my sorry as. You really are one of kind, yes I’m, but shut up S.E.M.

I found a seat in the back of class, hoping no one would notice me. Okay, that was a blatant lie, I did hope for one person to notice me, Frankie Kane. But she never came. After half an hour of the lessen, I stopped watching the door, and returned to sketchbook #7. My pencil was sharpened, but not too sharp, and I just started drawing Mrs. Lorie. She wasn’t a bad guy, she was the fairytale input of the story, she was actually a fairy. Her wings were this kind of heart shaped form and she had a halo above her head though, you could barely see it from all the red hair. She was pretty, and she was sweet, which turned her into fairy.

“Bo, “ I looked up from the paper. Class was over, and I just sat alone in the room. I quickly got up, ready to leave, but Mrs. Lorie stopped me in the doorway. “How are you? “

“I’m great, “ it wasn’t a lie, right now was fine, because the wings of Lorie had turned out perfectly. But she didn’t seem to believe me. “Just know you can talk, right? If the greatness stops, “ she gently smiled.



If the greatness stops, I really liked that line. It sounded so solemnly great. I wrote the words next to the drawing of fairy Mrs. Lorie.

“What are you drawing? “I somehow knew it was Frankie. I would love to say I recognized her voice or something cool, but really I just knew no one else cared about what I drew. So when I looked up, indeed Frankie’s red eyes smiled back at me. She had a burger on her tray and a cup of orange soda. She took a huge sip of the straw, and awaited an answer with raised eyebrows. I didn’t want to tell her about the world yet, not when I hadn’t found a play for her. So I just packed away the book, and return to my own lunch.

“Still those secrets, eh? “ Frankie sighed. “You really are a mystery Bo Erwin. “

I liked the way she said my full name, and I liked she called me a mystery – assuming it was a compliment.

“So, do you wanna come with me after dinner? “ I almost choked on my cola. Frankie didn’t move a muscle, just waited for me to answer. “I’m sorry what? “ I finally answered. Frankie rolled her eyes with a grunt. “Do you wanna come with me when you’re done eating? “ she repeated.

“Um yeah, but what about school? “ I didn’t really just say this. It was probably the most uncool thing to say. Oh no, she would never speak to me again. I really just blew everything. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

“Relax Bo, school is great but can wait for one day. I think you need some off-school experience, “ she laughed. I didn’t know what to say, so we just sat till the bell rang.

“Let’s go, “ Frankie grabbed my hand, and this time I didn’t pull back. As everybody rose from tables around us, no one noticed the girl with purple fire and red eyes, lead me outside of the backdoor. “Phew, now you can actually breathe, “ she smiled as we ran across the football field. She moved like that blurry thing again, except this time, she seemed as we needed to catch the bus. So we ran. 

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