Camp 5SOS

Welcome to camp 5SOS, a camp for good girls, that are bad girls, that haven't been caught.

Meet Shelby she signed up for a chance to go to Camp 5SOS, Camp 5SOS is a summer camp held in OZ where girls from all over the world come to. The camp's held by yours sincerely 5SOS. What happens when something unexpected comes Shelby's way, will she be able to pull through and keep it a secret?


4. Camp 5SOS - Chapter 4

"So Shelby how are you feeling" Luke whispered in my ear. This made me smile a bit too much for my liking because it caused Luke to smirk a bit. It was nice that he cared enough to ask how I was doing after my mum accident, but I don't think I should be getting this giddy.

"I'm doing ok I guess if you want to call it that, at least I know that she's going to be ok" I whispered back while the other boys were in their own conversation. Within this point of time there were many girls and a few boys staring at our little circle that we had formed, probably wondering why the hell I was surrounded by four hot guys firstly and secondly why on earth they were somehow famous. Who am I kidding they're not somehow famous they are famous.

"Shelby, you know that you can text me whenever. I know you're coming to our camp and I know you don't want to make it unfair that we know you perfectly well and the other girls don't, but it isn't unfair they we like to associate with you. We enjoy your company, why else would we be sitting here in a circle with you if we don't want to talk to you. Other girls will get jealous but it just so happens as something freakish that you met us, we liked to especially me and you get to come to our camp." 

"Thanks, that really meant a lot" is all I said to Luke before leaning over and giving him a hug to show my appreciation.

"So what are you doing this weekend?" Luke asked with him leaning back relaxing on the grass his arm being leant behind me.

"Ummm, I don't think much, I probably will go and visit my mum in hospital and that's about it, why?"

"Because I was wondering if you wanted to do something"

"Seriously Luke---"

"I mean I know I'm famous and all but you don't need to be that happy" he said in a joking somewhat cocky tone.

"As I was going to say, wouldn't people get suspicious of us suddenly hanging out together?"

"Probably, but that doesn't matter because as I said before I enjoy your company"

"K, what do you want to do?"

"I'm taking you to Luna Park" 

"Awesome I haven't been there for a while"


(Saturday Mid Morning)

The boys left shortly after lunch with them and returned the next day performing for their gig, which might I add was amazing. At the moment I'm getting ready to go to Luna Park with Luke, he picking me up in about half an hour or sooner. At moment I had achieved putting some black high waisted shorts, a flowy tie dye shoe string top and my white converse sneakers, I walked into my bathroom to attempt my makeup, by putting on foundation a small amount of natural eyeshadow, mascara and filling in my eyebrows. Once I was pleased with what I had accomplished I brushed my hair out leaving it down and slipping on a spare hair tie on my wrist in case I needed it.

From Luke:

I'm here

To Luke:

K coming now

I made my way downstairs walking out the front door locking it behind me and heading towards Luke's car which he had parked and was standing in front of.

"Hey" I called.

"Hey, long time no see" he said leaning down and giving me a quick hug.

"Are you somewhat excited for today" I replied giggling at his statement.

"Are you kidding, I'm pumped for today I've been ready for today since like 6am this morning"



"Well it's nice to know you definitely like spending time with me" we were now seated in his car driving to Luna Park which was about a half hour drive away.



Short chapter, I know don't blame me but I have to study for my exams next week. After exams I will 100% work on as many chapters as I can.

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