Camp 5SOS

Welcome to camp 5SOS, a camp for good girls, that are bad girls, that haven't been caught.

Meet Shelby she signed up for a chance to go to Camp 5SOS, Camp 5SOS is a summer camp held in OZ where girls from all over the world come to. The camp's held by yours sincerely 5SOS. What happens when something unexpected comes Shelby's way, will she be able to pull through and keep it a secret?


3. Camp 5SOS - Chapter 3

Luke left me to my own thoughts around 7am this morning, I knew that spending too much time with Luke would just make me not want to leave him at the end of the camp, I've decided I'm going to stay in contact with the boys but I'm not going to meet up with them until the camp. I think it's for the best. 


"Hey Celeste"

"What's up?"

"Are you busy today?"

"No why?"

"Because I'm coming over now, I need to get something off my chest, it's really bugging me"

"K, see you soon"

"Bye" I hung up the phone and started to gather my things before heading off to Celeste's house. I really needed to tell her what happened last night and why Luke came over.


"Tell me everything" Celeste said hugging me and making her way into her room after she had grabbed some snacks from the kitchen. I knew we'd hibernate in her bedroom today, we did that most times we were at her house, we would snuggle up in her bed and watch movies and reruns of tv shows.

"Well I'm just going to break the news, there's no way to do it lightly"

"Alright, hit me"

"My mum was in a car accident and at this very moment she's in a coma"

"Shit, I wasn't ready for that" Celeste reached over to me and gave me another one of her hugs that just make you never want to leave her presence.

"Luke came over last night to comfort me, I was going to call you but then I didn't want to get you worked up because I was crying and I didn't want you to worry, so I rang Luke and he was over within 10 minutes"

"Seriously Shelby I still can't get through my head that you know the 5SOS boys, and you're going to their camp"

"I know I can't get it through my head either" I knew she was changing the subject and she was the best at that. I couldn't be bothered arguing with her as to why she changed the subject so I just went with it.

"Do you know what you're doing at the camp yet?"

"No the boys won't tell me, well more like Luke won't tell me"

"Well I bet you'll sure get a surprise when you get there"

"100% I have no idea what they have in store for us"


(Next Day)

2 days to go, 2 days until the other campers will be selected. 10 days until I'll arrive at the camp and see Luke and the boys again. 10 days that I'm going to be stuck home bored to death doing nothing but worrying about my mum. Stuff it I'm going to school, even though I called them, I'm going to rock up and just let them know. I don't want to go insane worrying about my mother who's in a coma; I'll just visit her most days after school.

I got up at my own pace since the school wasn't expecting me to come for the rest of the year, I had a shower and got dressed, heading to the kitchen to make breakfast. After I had eaten I walked to school and went to the office letting them know why I returned instead of staying home.

"Just take it easy at school Shelby" the office lady called after me as I was leaving the office.

"Thank you" I called back acknowledging what she had said.

I put my books in my locker and walked to my first class of the day Maths which in fact was nearly over, at least.

"Good morning Shelby"

"Morning" I immediately went and sat down in my seat to avoid all of the curious stares. The class was over within 20 minutes and I texted Celeste to let her know that I came to school and for her to meet me by my locker.


"Why did you come today Shelby?" I wasn't expecting a deep voice to sound through my ears, I was expecting a female voice, but instead I found a male talking to me.

"Well here I am, I couldn't just stay at home and worry about my mum for the next 10 days, anyway what are you doing here you don't even go to school anymore Ashton?"

"We have a little gig in your hall for tomorrow and we came to drop off our equipment and funny enough I found you walking to your locker so I followed you and here I am"

"Ok, I wouldn't usually see such a big band like you guys doing a gig at a school like mine"

"Well a little birdy told us you go here and well we thought we would treat your school"

"You guys think in a weird way, I have to go and meet my friend Celeste unless you would want to join us?"

"I would love to, just let me text the boys and let them know where I am"

"I don't think you'll be needing to do that Ashton they've been standing like 20 metres away from us the whole time"

"Bastards they must have followed me"

"Whatever, you're such a dork" Ashton signalled the boys over so we could walk to Celeste's locker since she hadn't turned up at mine. We arrived and she wasn't there.

"Where is she?" Ashton asked. 

"I have no idea, hold on I'll just call her.



"Celeste where are you, you texted me back after I texted you saying that you would meet me at my locker, so we walked to your locker and you weren't there"

"Oh sorry I went home 5 minutes before lunch feeling really sick"

"Oh no worries, love you"

"Love you too, anyways who are you with"

"The 5SOS boys, long story I'll explain it to you later"

"K bye love you"



She went home 5 minutes before lunch feeling sick. "Let's go sit under a tree on the oval". The boys followed me to the tree and we sat down for our lunch, well more like my lunch.

"So Shelby how are you feeling?" Luke whispered in my ear.



Guy's I have to study for my exams that are coming up this month so I might be able to sneak in a chapter, if not I'll definitely start writing it.

Sorry :(


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