Best friend or boyfriend?

What happens when in your last year of high school you become more interested in relationships then friendships?


2. The First Day


Y/N: Lauren! (Your best friend)

Lauren: Y/N! Omg I've missed you so much over summer break. Finally we can see each other for almost every day!

Y/N: Yes, I'm so excited!

Out of the corner of your eye you see the hottest and most popular boy in school, Johnny. You've had a crush on him since freshman year but yet he hardly notices you.

Johnny: Sup Y/N winks

Y/N: um... hey blushes

Lauren: Wow he said hi to you! Maybe you have a chance.

Y/N: yeah no way, he's just being nice.

Lauren: Alright then, but you would be a cute couple!

Both of you laugh

Lauren: oh look who just pulled up.. Nadia, Ruby and the leader Mackenzie. Rolls eyes

Y/N: Ugh I hate those girls! They think they run the school.

Lauren: They basically do. They're rich, popular and almost every boy likes them.

Mackenzie, Nadia and Ruby walk up.

Mackenzie: well well well. Look who it is Y/N and Lauren.

Lauren: What the fuck do you want

Y/N: chill

Nadia: Can't believe you even bothered to come back to this school!

Ruby: Yeah, I heard you have a crush on Johnny.

Y/N: Ummmm... that's not true

Mackenzie: Pfft please, we all know he's the hottest. That's why he's mine.

Y/N: I thought you guys broke up, facebook statuses say a lot.

Lauren: Yeah!

Mackenzie: We've just had a bit of a... um argument but we're all good now.

Ruby: Anyways we are done talking to you losers.

Nadia: Yeah.. ew.

They walk away

Y:N *cough* bitches *cough*

Lauren: laughs

To be continued....

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