Best friend or boyfriend?

What happens when in your last year of high school you become more interested in relationships then friendships?


4. Rain check

It's lunch time and you grab a lunch tray with Lauren.

Lauren: Ew all this food looks like shit.

Y/N: It always has. Cafeteria food sucks.

Lauren: So um, why'd you and Johnny get called to the office?

Y/N: Oh it was nothing, I just have to go over to his house some nights and tutor him.

Lauren: surprised THATS NOT NOTHING! You get to go to the most popular boy in schools house.. and your crush ;)

Y/N: Yeah but I don't want it to be weird, I just want-

You get cut off

Mackenzie: So I heard you and Johnny have a little date tonight. We had to raincheck ours for you.

Y/N: Its not a date. Just some studying.

Mackenzie: It better be. If you dare to fuck around with him, you'll never see the end of it.

Nadia: I can tell you'll try to steal him but he'll never have an interest in someone like you.

Ruby: Just look at yourself in the mirror.. before it cracks.

Girls laugh and walk away

Lauren; They're such bitches! You know what? Tonight have the best time of your life with Johnny. It might not be some high school party but it's just you two so make the most of it.

You and Lauren walk over to a lunch table and sit down.

Lauren: Hey can I have your cupcake?

Y/N: lets half it!

Mackenzie and her minions come back up.

Mackenzie: Oh you guys don't need to half that.

Y/N: Why?

Ruby: Because there's already one cupcake on your face!

Before you could think about what Ruby said, Nadia smushes a cupcake in your face. Everyone in the cafeteria is just staring at you

Lauren: What the fuck is wrong with you?

Johnny: Mackenzie, Nadia and Ruby. Don't be so mean.

Mackenzie: Shut up Johnny. She deserves it.

You run out of the cafeteria because you are so embarrassed. You run all the way to the football fields. You're just sitting there crying! Someone comes up and talks to you.

Johnny: Y/N, are you alright?

Y/N: Go away.

Johnny: Why the attitude?

Y/N: Its not you. It's just.. if Mackenzie sees me with you she'll torment me just like she did.

Johnny: Why would she do that?

Y/N: You're dating duh!

Johnny: Not anymore chuckles When you ran out of the cafeteria I just thought that she was such a bitch so I ended our relation ship.

Y/N: You didn't have to do that

Johnny: Um blushes It wasn't for you.. just in general. Ya know...

To be continued...

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