Best friend or boyfriend?

What happens when in your last year of high school you become more interested in relationships then friendships?


3. Principals Office

You and Lauren walk to your lockers and start getting your books. You're in separate classes :(

Lauren: So what do you have now?

Y/N: Maths

Lauren: I have history with Mr Brown

Y/N: OMG I hate him.

Lauren: Yeah me too.

Speakers go off

Office Lady: could Y/N and Johnny please come to the principals office, thank you.

Lauren: Oooh winks

Y/N: holy shit. Going to the principals office usually means you're in big trouble!

Lauren: it's the first day.. you couldn't have done anything wrong.


Principal Smith: Y/N, Johnny, take a seat.

Johnny: What have I done now?

Principal: Nothing.

Y/N: So why are we here?

Principal: Last year, Y/N you had the best grades in the whole entire grade.

Johnny: Wooh go Y/N

Y/N: blushes

Principal: But Johnny, you just passed. Your grades weren't as high as we would want them to be.

Johnny: Well, I was super busy last year.

Principal: Throwing party's?

Johnny: Um...

Principal: That's what I thought. So Y/N I want you to tutor Johnny until his grades reach to at least B-s.

Y/N: Um.. when?

Principal: You'll have to figure out a way to meet up out of school. Maybe at the library.

Johnny: I would be caught dead at the library.

Principal: Each other's houses?

Johnny: Hmm, ok. Y/N, you down for that?

Y/N: I guess so...

Principal: Great! You can start tonight.

Johnny & Y/N: TONIGHT?

Principal: Yeah, is that a problem?

Johnny: yeah! I have a date with Mackenzie!

Y/N: And well I'm.. doing nothing.

Principal: Johnny I'm calling your parents and you'll have to cancel this date.

To be continued....

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