Surfer Girl and Drummer Boy

"Lets play a game," I say and Calum stops playing gutiar and listens. Luke and Michael walk up from the basement. "Lets sweet talk. Lets play fight. Lets talk twenty-four seven. Lets tell each other good morning and good night every day. Lets take walks together. Lets go on dates. Lets hang out with each other's friends," I tell him. "Lets give each other nicknames. Lets talk all night long. Lets hold each other and kiss and hug," I pause,looking at the other guys's faces and turn back to Ashton. "And the first one to fall in love?" I laugh for a second,then grin. "Loses."



6. 6

I wake up and find myself lying next to Ashton,who must've been really warm,since he took off his shirt. He's awake. "Good morning." He says. I sit up and smile at him. Luke bursts through the door. Out of breath,he says,"Woah." Ashton is now sitting up and startled. "Dude,knock first." He says. Luke rolls his eyes. "You two are just good friends,nothing to worry about. Anyway,Cal is getting doughnuts. I'll leave you two alone." Luke laughs and runs off,leaving the door open. I run a hand through my messy hair. "He's an asshole," Ashton laughs. I nod,laughing. Ashton stands up and leaves the room,pulling his shirt over his head. "Get dressed." He tells me and closes the door with his foot. I lock it and open my bag. 

I leave Ashton's room as I pull my hair into a messy bun and sit on the couch. Calum walks in the front door,a large box in his hand. "Hey." He says and closes the door before he walks to the counter island in the kitchen. He sets down the box and Michael basically runs down the hallway. Luke walks out of his room and Ashton looks up from his phone beside me. "Want some?" Michael asks me,pointing to the box and I shake my head. "No thanks. I'm not hungry." I reply,staring at the wooden floor. "Okay then." Michael says. Ashton elbows my arm and I look up at him. He nods his head toward the hallway and stands up. I do the same and I follow him into his room. He closes the door behind me. "What's wrong?" He asks. I lock my eyes on my bag lying on the floor by the closet door. He takes my arms. "Hey," I look up at him,everything blurry because my starting to cry. "What's wrong?" He asks again. "I'm fine." I tell him,even though it's clear I'm not. He wipes away some tears rolling down my cheek. "You're not." He says as he pulls me into a hug and we sway and I just break down right then and there because I have basically nothing and no where to go after this. I wrap my arms around him,my tears probably staining his shirt but all he does his hug me tighter. And at this moment,I realize he cares.

I wake up on Ashton's bed and pick up my phone,which is lying on the nightstand. It's noonish and I hear muffled music and singing. I stand up,stretching. I follow the music and find a door open a crack with the music flying out clearer. I quietly open the door and go down the stairs to find the guys playing instruments,not facing me,and singing. Ashton plays the drums,Calum,I'm assuming,bass,and Luke and Michael are gutiarists. I smile and sit on a step,hiding behind the wall. After a few songs,I say,"You guys are great." 

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