Surfer Girl and Drummer Boy

"Lets play a game," I say and Calum stops playing gutiar and listens. Luke and Michael walk up from the basement. "Lets sweet talk. Lets play fight. Lets talk twenty-four seven. Lets tell each other good morning and good night every day. Lets take walks together. Lets go on dates. Lets hang out with each other's friends," I tell him. "Lets give each other nicknames. Lets talk all night long. Lets hold each other and kiss and hug," I pause,looking at the other guys's faces and turn back to Ashton. "And the first one to fall in love?" I laugh for a second,then grin. "Loses."



19. 19

We race down the street and I notice a garage door open,I look in and skid to a stop as I see Sydney sitting there,with a body and another guy. "Guys!" I say and Lucy,and he guys come over to me and I point to Sydney. We run into the garage. "Oh my! Kirkham's dead!" Sydney says and points to Jerry,one of her good friends,on the concrete ground. And his brother standing behind her. We gasp at the sight of him. Kirkham sits up and Sydney and I jump. Kirkham and his brother begin laughing their asses off. "You assholes!" Sydney yells,her face red. They keep laughing. I help Sydney off the ground. "We thought you were kidnapped!" Lucy says and I nod. I look at the guys behind me,then back at Syd. "It was Kirkham's brother." She sighs and we begin to walk down the road. "Why do you even like Kirkham?" Lucy asks. "Kirkham is too cute not to." I giggle a bit. Ashton takes my hand and intertwined his fingers with mine. 

"You suck." Michael yells at me as I collapse onto the towel on the ground after surfing. "Thanks!" I yell back,giving him a thumbs up. "Don't listen to him." Ashton tells me walking past to the concession stand a few yards away. I get up and just hang out. Jace smiles walking past and I act like I don't see him. Ashton comes back with lemonade in his hand and water bottle in the other. He hands me the lemonade. "Thanks." I reply and Luke  stands beside to me. " Sydney dating Jerry?" He asks,fiddling with his thumbs. I shrug. "I dunno,maybe," I reply. Luke nods. I take a sip of my lemonade,giving Luke a suspicious look. "Why?" I ask. He looks up at me. "Huh?" "Why do you wanna know?" "No reason,she just looked....super....uh....super worried about him last night,that's all." I nod,grinning. "Yeaaahhhh,okay." I say,taking another sip. "I'm serious!" Luke says. I nod and walk away.


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