Just One Life (Sequel)

"Right then and there, I knew she wouldn't leave my side. She would do anything for me."


13. Rollercoaster


It was unexpected, and that’s what I loved about it.


After he pulled away I chucked.


We both laughed for a second until I got a call from Jack.


I rolled my eyes.


“Who is it?” Drew chuckled.


“It's just my roommate.”


“What do you want?”


“Annabella won’t stop crying, and I think she’s sick.”


“Did you feed her any medicine?’


“Yeah, but I don’t think that’s what she needs.”


“I think she needs you.”


“Okay, I’ll be there.”


I sighed and put my phone down.


“I know you had things planned but my annoying roommate needs me.”


“I get it. Just don’t forget to text me.”


“No, better yet facetime me.” Drew laughed.


When Drew facetimes me it’s always about something weird.


Drew hugged me, and I ran downstairs.


By the time I had gotten to Jack’s house, I heard crying from the outside of the door.


Poor baby.


Once I came inside, Jack handed her to me.


I started rocking Annabella back and forth.


“I think she’s hungry. She needs her mom.”


“I know.”


I went to the fridge and put her on the counter.


Once Annabella had her bottle and music was playing, the sound crying stopped.


Jack looked at if he had just ran a marathon. I laughed to myself because he had throw up on his shirt.


“You seriously needed me that bad.”


“No, I mean... What were you doing anyways?”


“I was on a date,” I said not looking at him.


Jack looked at me up and down, seeing that I was in a dress.


“Oh, well I’m just glad you’re here now.”


“I’m actually starving really bad. We should order in tonight.”


“Yeah, I was actually looking forward to that new place down the road.”


I had began to change back into my pajamas. Annabella was in my arms, and about to fall asleep.


Jack had began to speak but I interrupted him,




“Here,” I handed her to Jack.


Annabella looked so perfect in Jack’s hands. If only Tracy had been around to see this.


I brought out my camera, to take a picture.


Jack wanted to see, so I pulled up my recent images.


While I was scrolling down, Jack noticed a picture of him.


“Hold, I don’t remember this.”


Jack was cuddled up in a snuggie at my place.


“It must’ve been close to your birthday.”


“Yeah,” I smiled.


It was when me and Jack decided to make our own pizza.


“Jack, I can’t believe dropped the dough.”


All he could was laugh.


“It’s not funny,” I said chuckling.


“It’s okay, you can just share mine,” he replied.






“You kind of zoned out,” Jack chuckled.


“It’s okay, I do too sometimes.”


“I wanted to tell you that the food is here.”


“Oh, okay I got it.”


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